Definition of a Package Holiday

A package holiday, also known as a package tour, can be an excellent way to enjoy a destination or travel the world. You pay upfront for a package tour, so there’s no worrying later about where you’ll stay, how you will get there, where you’ll eat and what you’ll do. This frees you to enjoy your trip without stress.

Package holidays let you relax and enjoy your trip.

What’s Included

  • These tours normally include airfare and lodging. Meals may also be part of the package. Some include all meals, others include a single meal, usually breakfast. Always check for any hidden costs you’ll be responsible for, such as tips, baggage handling, taxes or resort activity fees. If you can, get a list in writing of what your tour will include so you won’t be surprised later.

Upgrading Your Package

  • If you want to minimize the cash you spend on your trip, ask the vendor about upgrading your package. Some packages can be upgraded with all meals, attraction and show tickets, on-site transportation such as rental cars or buses, and transportation to and from the starting airport for your tour.

Where to Buy It

  • Traditionally, package tours are sold by travel agents or tour operators, but they can also be sold by the destination itself, such as an all-inclusive Disney World package. No matter where you purchase your package, ask for a contact if you have questions before or during your tour.

Holiday Travel Made Easy: Men

The holidays are stressful enough without the pressure of packing properly, and a lot of men simply aren’t up for the challenge. Some of them try to stuff all they can into a bag, only to find that they don’t wear half of those items. Others may pack bulky clothes, or outfits that don’t fit the weather. Bad packing can lead to extra bags, which can mean extra baggage fees and more worries about the airline misplacing the bags.

So, sacrifices must be made in the packing process, but not at the expense of your sense of style or your comfort. Packing smart and planning ahead takes some of the stress and pain out of the holiday equation.


The first step toward packing efficiently is identification of those elements of clothing that you won’t need during your trip.

“I used to be one of those people that overpacked and would have four suitcases for three days,” says interior designer Jeremiah Brent. “But I’ve gotten much better because I realized that when I traveled, I was packing a ton of things and not wearing half of them.”

When in doubt, remember two simple words: versatility and layering.

“I take the two pairs of jeans that I always wear,” Brent says. “We all have a drawer full of jeans, but realistically you have one pair that you wear all of the time, and I bring some basic T’s.”

While jeans and T-shirts may not sound like classic holiday fare, Brent says they serve as the bedrock for an entire wardrobe. He can wear a black T-shirt with dark jeans, dress shoes and a blazer for a dressy outfit, or wear the same shirt in a casual outfit.

You never know when the need for formal attire may arise. While you can’t pack for every contingency, you can apply the rules of versatility and layering to even the stiffest aspects of your wardrobe.

“No matter where you’re traveling for the holidays, it’s always a good idea to bring a suit,” says Natalie Fisher, part owner of Life:Styled, a “boutique lifestyle management firm.”

“For both planned and last-minute formal affairs,” Fisher says, “the entire suit can be worn together, or it can be broken down for more casual events.”

Weather Adjustments

It’s important to pack for the climate you’re flying to and the weather you might encounter there.

“Before you start packing, think about the trip and how you want to feel,” says Niki Leondakis, president and COO of Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants. “Do you want to feel casual and comfortable around your family, or do you want to feel festive, or perhaps formal? Whatever the case, pull clothes from your closet that best reflect how you want to feel while participating in holiday activities.”

Fisher recommends taking into account the mood and atmosphere of your holiday events when you pack.

“Yes, it may be 30 below outside,” Fisher says. “But do you plan on spending the majority of your time drinking scotch by a fire in the family cabin, or will you be heading to various work or social functions outside of the home?”

Once again, start with a solid foundation, and from there work your way up — or down, depending on your destination.

“Cold or hot is easy to work around, so I think about what exactly I’m going to be doing,” Brent explains.

On a recent trip, Brent knew he was going out a few nights and that he’d be working with paint during the day. He had to have options for both.

“When you think about what you’re going to be doing, it gives you a better sense of what you’re going to need, and you shouldn’t pack for anything more than that,” he says.

Leondakis suggests laying out all of the clothes you think you might need to use on the trip. She also suggests you organize them by potential outfit combinations.

“Once you’ve laid it all out,” she says, “walk away for a while, and when you come back to it, you’ll find you don’t need all of the items you’ve laid out.”

Packing and Dressing for Departure

What you wear on the trip also matters. You can ease some of your packing issues just by wearing something useful on the flight or ride.

“Travel in jeans and or boots if you’re traveling somewhere you’ll be using these, because they’re always the heaviest, but they can also be dressed up,” Leondakis says. She advises picking out some of your favorite items and wearing a couple of layers, starting with a light top and a sweater for warmth. You may tie the sweater around your shoulders or waist if you don’t need it, she noted.

Fisher says the “ultimate airplane travel secret” is the pullover sweater.

“The pullover sweater is to men as the scarf is to women,” she said. “It can easily be worn when it inevitably gets chilly, but can just as easily be stuffed in your carry-on should you get warm, and can be quickly layered over a simple T-shirt or worn underneath a winter jacket.”

Brent prefers to dress up for flights. He said that even though you will spend most of the vacation

7 Murphy’s Laws About Holiday Travel for Families

Baby sleeping in car

Santa isn’t the only one with a crazy holiday travel schedule — many of us parents also find ourselves traveling near and far, so that our families can spend the holidays with loved ones.  The only difference is that we don’t have the luxury of lightning-fast reindeer to haul everybody around.  So if you’re one of us who are stuck traveling by more pedestrian methods, I’ve come up with seven Murphy’s Laws of Holiday Travel to help you prepare:

7.  When you pull away from the last rest stop for 30 miles, your toddler will ask, “Go potty?”

6.  When you actually remember to load new games and movies on the iPad, you will forget to charge it before leaving.

5. When your baby starts to close her eyes on the plane (hallelujah!), another baby will start screaming at the top of his lungs.

4.  When you’re driving through a blizzard in the middle of nowhere, your child will have a diaper blow-out.

3. When you travel across the country already weighed down with multiple kids, suitcases, strollers and car seats, your family will buy presents for your children that are so large, you will have to abandon the kids, strollers, car seats and the contents of your suitcases to lug them back to your side of the country.

2.  When you’re not there yet, your child will ask if you are.  Repeatedly.

1.  When you are one minute away from your destination, your child will finally fall asleep.

How to Start a Holiday Resort

The term “resort” sometimes is misused to identify a hotel that does not provide the other facilities required of a full resort. Resorts are heaven for people on a vacation, they are places meant for relaxation, recreation and enjoyment. Resorts are places where the scenic beauty and the various activities, refresh a person’s mind and enlivens a person. A holiday resort should work best at providing a vacationer all that the vacationer needs like food, drinks, accommodation, sports, entertainment and shopping.

Start a Holiday Resort


  1. Planning and legalities:

    Starting a holiday resort is different from other Real Estate Development, due to the amount of financial investment involved, time required to complete the project and the number of specialties and methods involved. Resort development requires thorough planning and synchronization of various features which range from location of the resort to the final Grand Opening of the Resort. Studying and projecting the financial feasibility of the project is of utmost importance as one should be sure that the resort will not cost them any loss and that it would generate a profit. It is also crucial to consider whether the resort can be managed under its own name or would it be better to have a Franchise Agreement with an acclaimed hotel Operator. The resort requires certain legalities which include approvals, permits and licenses before, during and after the construction.

  2. Location:

    When choosing the location for resort, keep in mind the places which are main tourists’ attraction. Usually people like to go on a vacation to sandy beaches, or to beautiful hill stations. Eco- friendly people usually prefer wetland areas or where the forest is part of the breath taking scenic beauty.

  3. Appearance:

    Appearance of the resort matters the most. No one would feel that they are in a sanctuary from work if they are staying in a resort which looks shabby and run down. It is important to design the entrance, exterior, interior, lobbies and rooms of the resort in such a way that it makes the vacationer forget his/ her worries and just relax. Usually an exotic look works best for beach resorts while a traditional yet modern look works best for hill station resorts.

  4. Entertainment and Satisfaction:

    The resort should provide all kinds of different activities a vacationer might want to indulge in according to their location. Let’s say if one is vacationing on a beach then the resort one is residing in should provide snorkeling, sailing and wind surfing, but if a person is vacationing on a hill station then the resort should make arrangements for trekking and mountain climbing. People usually prefer a 5-star experience and nothing in between, so as not to disappoint them they should be provided with facilities like internet, TV, large rooms and verandas for an efficient view of the scenic beauty around them.

An Unforgettable Adventure Through Balloon Safaris

An adventurous quality in nothing but a true mindset to do something extraordinary.  Some people are born with an adventurous streak. In order to mitigate the fire of adventure, people try to participate some outdoor activities which are quelled through discovery. On the other hand, other people want to conquer the demon within; these are fear, boredom, stagnation, a sort of dry rot of the soul.

If you compare a layman with an adventurous people, you will find some sort of differences; adventurous people are stronger, braver, tougher, and fitter than a layman. Adventurous people are the real doers. The lust for adventure is planted in childhood.
Psychologists have linked adventure-seeking with a range of positive qualities.

Adventure can:

•    It shape personality traits
•    It teaches resilience and help you cope with adversity
•    It increases your capacity for risk-taking
•    It sharpens your judgments about risk-taking
•    It assists in problem solving and teamwork
•    It promotes psychological toughness
•    It increases your appreciation of nature
•    It promotes strength and fitness
•    It gives you optimism and confidence in your abilities

To exhibit adventurous quality, many activities you can do.  These adventurous activities include ziplining, skydiving, animal encounters, sand boarding, bungy jumping, paragliding, flying (with a jetpack), kayaking, biking and many more activities.

Among all these adventurous activities, hot air ballooning has become one of the tremendous activities offered by the companies across the world.  Through hot air balloon safari you can get a bird’s eye view of the beautiful places which you like to enjoy in true sense. The trip is magical, you have to spend about one hour with a trained pilot. Notably, the pilots are from the developed countries of the world. Before starting your ride, instructions are provided by you. Don’t be scared of hot air balloon safaris, it’s an interesting activity to display your adventurous quality.
Floating over the world’s beautiful locations, you will definitely realise your strength and vigour. Balloon safari will instil you with enough memories to last a lifetime. You take off in the wee hours of the morning, float in the sky, drifting with the whim of the wind, overlooking the plains, just in time to experience a breathtaking sunrise and catch a bird’s eye view of the reserve.

After the balloon safari, you will be treated to a luxurious breakfast to complete the experience as you relax and absorb the moment. It’s not a scared activity, because it is based on scientific principles and knowledge.

Besides showing your adventurous quality, you can use hot air ballooning for various purposes, vacation, engagement, ring ceremony, birthday celebration and marriage.
With the passage of time, in the field of advertisement, hot air ballooning has been used as a tremendous instrument to promote the products and services.

Yerevan – a city which can be discovered infinitely

Yerevan is a unique city.  It has everything that can attract tourists, no matter what purpose they are pursuing during the travel. Lovers of history, culture, shopping and youth entertainment will find what they like at a hospitable capital of Armenian, and even more, as it has something to surprise any traveler.


Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world and its history goes back to 782 BC, when the Urartian fortress of Erebuni was built by the Argishti I king’s commandment. It quickly became an important cultural and commercial center, which dreamed to seize many commanders.

It was captured by Arabs in 658, thus, XI century was marked by the power of the Seljuks. In the XIV Tamerlane got there. In 1554 the city was taken by the Ottoman troops which caused the Turkish-Persian war. At the beginning of the XIX century the army of the Russian Empire reached to the walls of the fortress. But currently Armenia is an independent country.

Today Yerevan is the modern city, which retained the features of the unique history. This feature gives the city a unique picturesqueness and originality, making it special and distinctive.


First, we should pay attention to the historical heritage of the Armenian capital. The ancient citadel of Erebuni and the museum is the opportunity to see the ruins of the old town, which has more than 2.5 thousands years of history, as well as numerous archaeological findings from different eras.

The religious buildings in Yerevan has an enormous interest. Armenia is the first country in the world to adopt Christianity, about what reminds the ancient churches St. Sarkis, St. Zoravor and others.

History museum of Armenia is another object that requires a visit, because it collected more than 400 000 unique historical artifacts. The museum of ancient manuscripts Matenadaran has no analogues in Europe. It contains a huge amount of important documents, which helps to study the history of Armenia and many other countries with whom it had trade and cultural ties. Not without purpose in 2012 UNESCO declared the city as World Book Capital.

Other must go place is Tsitsernakaberd memorial complex dedicated to the memory of Armenian Genocide victims. It was built in 1965 and reminds the world about the tragedy of Armenian people and that crimes against humanity should not be.

The modern cultural attractions is architectural complex Cascade – a huge ladder system, decorated with sculptures and fountains.

The National Gallery is located on the Republic Square, where presented the masterpieces and works of young talented authors. The classical arts lovers should certainly go to the Theater of Opera and Ballet. Fans of the modern incarnation of creative thought worth to attend Cafesjian Center for the Arts. It was opened in 2009, and the exhibits are taken from the private collection of an American businessman of Armenian origin Gerard Cafesjian.

Accommodation, entertainment and recreation

In Yerevan everyone can easily find a comfortable hotel in accordance with the financial capacity. But even in the most democratic places one can feel like at home, as the tourists are treated well by demonstrating the famous Caucasian hospitality.

Tired of trips to museums, relax and have a snack in the best local restaurants as traditional Armenian cuisine is worthy of attention the most sophisticated gourmet. There are several modern cinema theaters and good nightlife, so who likes the active nightlife will be able to meet its Yerevan version.

The capital of Armenia is ideal for shopping. In the shopping centers there is huge selection of shoes, clothes and jewelry of local and international brands. There is great interest for original souvenirs, as well as the world-famous handmade carpets.

So, in preparation for a trip to Yerevan, it is best to plan excursions to not to forget anything. Visited once you certainly want to come back because Yerevan is a city which can be discovered infinitely.

Chill In Amusement Parks Through Mumbai Tour

Mumbai, the city of dream and the capital city of Maharashtra, attracts a large number of tourists every year because of its beaches, temples, historical monuments, amusement parks, gardens, market places and shopping malls. Mumbai has the ability to bring out the child in you by providing fun and excitement through its amusement parks. If you want to explore the famous amusement parks of Mumbai through Mumbai tour, then following are the list:

Shangrila Water Park

You will never want to miss the peaceful ambience of Shangrila Water Park located in the Mumbai-Nashik Highway. It’s a great fun to enjoy your weekend with family and friends in this wonderful place. This resort-cum-waterpark is blessed with rejuvenating power from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Kolad River Rafting

It’s a great enjoyment doing white water river rafting on Kundalika River at Kolad. This can become an unforgettable experience for you. This is an immense recreational activity that gained popularity among the tourist because it provides thrill and excitement along with safety. You can contact which is responsible for arranging this exhilarating adventure at your comfort.

Fantasy Land

It’s an exciting experience to visit this amusement park, which entertains the people of all age groups through its large number of amusement activities. Contact to visit this amazing Fantasy Land of Mumbai established in 1992. It’s situated in Jogeshwari East. You will never want to miss the panoramic view of this beautiful amusement park situated in the background of vast green landscape. This is very important part of Mumbai tour because it attracts a large number of tourists from all part of India and world.

How to Go on a Teen Adventure
Embarking on a teen adventure is an exciting moment in anyone’s life. With a little organization and creative thinking, teens can put their parents’ minds at ease and get organized for an epic journey they’ll never forget. Consider going with other friends, brainstorm on ideas together, and find ways to raise your own money for the trip. The more initiative and more responsible you are in planning your teen adventure, the smoother the entire process will go.

Planning A Teen Adventure

  1. Ask your parents or guardians for permission to go on a teen adventure and discuss expenses and where you will go. Come up with a plan with your parents on how you will stay in touch and stay safe to put their mind at ease and make the conversation more comfortable.
  2. Research teen travel tours through EF Tours (, American Trails West ( your local church group, community center, teen adventure summer camps, or even your own high school’s language club for options.
  3. Speak to your friends about taking a teen adventure together and decide where to go such as skiing, white water rafting, hiking, or the beach and whose parents can chaperone.
  4. Get organized and apply for a passport if you’re going on an overseas teen adventure, fill out any paperwork for teen tours and send in deposits for any hotels or lodging.
  5. Earn money by babysitting, washing neighbor’s cars, mowing lawns, walking dogs, or another part-time job to help pay for the costs of your teen adventure.

List of Advantages of Adventure Tourism
Adventure tourism started out small, but has gained market share throughout the world. This is due in part to vacationers who want something different, to be able to use their time to make a difference, or they may be looking to combine travel with their favorite sport or activity. Whatever the reason, economically depressed areas and emerging markets can capitalize on the opportunity presented by adventure tourism.

Added Jobs

  • Adventure tourism infuses money into the local economy. This happens in many ways, from hosting travel groups, to support services such as food and transportation. If an economically depressed area brings adventure tourism, jobs in transporting, housing, feeding, and entertaining visitors are created.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Leaders in the adventure tourism industry are dedicated to making this tourism segement as sustainable as possible. Xola, a company that partners with new and existing adventure tourism operators, conducts industry research on the environmental impact of this type of travel. One of their reports is “Brazil, Russia, India, China and Mexico: Balancing Adventure Travel Potential with Climate Change and Water Scarcity.”

Support Local Communities

  • Adventure tourism can bring humanitarian aid to areas that needs it. Adventure Aid is a company that combines a traveler’s desire to make a difference with a community in need. If visitors help provide clean water or other needs, it not only benefits the community, but strengthens the community’s ability to provide for future travellers. The more tourists, the more economic growth.

Creating Entrepreneurs

  • Adventure tourism is a relatively inexpensive industry to for a community to start. There are companies that specialize in helping emerging adventure tourism operators market their product. Partnering with an established company can help burgeoning markets gain credibility faster, since they can avoid the mistakes that others made before them.

Economic Benefits of Adventure Tourism
Adventure tourism has many benefits to the economies in which the businesses are located. Adventure travel companies provide significant opportunities for people all over the world, often in places where economic development is stunted because of lack of investment, education and access.

Ease of Development

  • The adventure tourism industry benefits from low capital start-up costs for entrepreneurs, enabling the development of new markets in virtually any economic area. These new developments often create opportunity for foreign and local investments.

Job Creation

  • Adventure tourism and new companies that support it bring development projects and new jobs, increasing the financial gains for local people in that location.

Environmental Awareness

  • Adventure travel fuels environmental awareness. Adventure tourism companies lead initiatives that raise awareness of activities and practices that have a low environmental impact.

Better Land Management

  • Adventure tourism gives communities a financial reason to take a second look at land usage.

Increased Education and Health Benefits

  • In addition to increased employment, local people benefit from the educational and health benefits that a sustainable economy brings. According to the Adventure Travel Trade Association’s 2008 Development Index Report, “The prospect of employment and participation in a growing economy encourages interest in education.”

Giving Back to Communities

  • Murray Bartholomew, membership administrator of the Adventure Travel Trade Association, stated in a news release that adventure travel companies “demonstrate ongoing cultural, social and economic commitment” by establishing foundations that allow the tourism company and its customers to give back to the supporting communities.