Going on a Ski Vacation – Planning Your First Trip

Ski trips are a lot of fun, but they require a lot of planning and preparation beforehand. If you have never gone on a ski trip before, you are really missing out on some of the most natural vistas in the world. Ski trips are a lot of fun and packed with adventure, but if you don’t plan well, you will simply end up wasting your time sitting in a hotel and staring out into the wintery landscape. Planning a ski trip is very different when compared with planning an ordinary vacation.

There are hundreds of services that you can use in order to plan an ordinary vacation. Simply go online, select your destination, make a reservation at a hotel of your choice and then book your tickets. In fact, you can book a vacation within only a few minutes thanks to the sheer number of online services. However, planning a ski trip is very different. You have to decide which slopes you want to ski on, book a ski hotel and then make preparations for the trip. If you have never gone on a ski trip before, here is a brief guide to planning your first ever ski vacation.

Select a Group of Friends

There’s no fun in skiing alone. You will have a lot of fun if you go on a trip with a group of friends or family members. Ask those around you if they have experience in skiing. You don’t need to be a pro skier in order to enjoy a ski trip. You will find plenty of people there who will be willing to teach you. However, it’s good to have a few people around you who are as equally enthusiastic about the trip as you. Find a group of friends who are free to go on the trip and don’t mind a bit of an adventure.

Select a Destination

Once you have gathered a group of people who are willing to go skiing, the next step is to decide where you want to go. Europe is full of beautiful, snowy mountain ranges and slopes for you to tackle. Resort areas near France and Switzerland, such as Chamonix and Courchevel are absolutely gorgeous and are a prime destination for skiing enthusiasts. There are plenty of resorts and hotels here that you can stay in as well. Other places include Meribel and Val Thorens. Meribel is a gorgeous ski resort located in the Tarentaise Valley, nestled deep in the French Alps. It’s very close to the town of Moutiers.

Similarly, Val Thorens is also located in the Tarentaise Valley in the French Alps. The number one reason why so many people travel to the Val Thorens Ski Resort is because of the fact that it’s the highest ski resort in Europe. It’s located at an altitude of 2,300m above sea level, and is situated at the intersection of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville in the Savoie department.

Make a Booking

There are plenty of luxury ski hotels located all over Europe. You can easily choose where you want to stay. Many online services now give you the option of comparing different ski hotels and make a booking online. Once you have selected your destination, the next step is to look at all the different hotels and resorts in that area. Remember, luxury hotels obviously offer a whole host of different amenities.

For instance, you could get back to your hotel after a tiring day of skiing and lounge around in a Jacuzzi. Some hotels also have their own spas where you can just relax and let your skin and body heal. However, these amenities come at a greater price. The winter season is a prime time for tourists at such resorts. Needless to say, making a reservation at this point is going to set you back a pretty penny.

Instead, try making a reservation beforehand. If you have already decided to go on a ski holiday, it is a wise idea to make your booking beforehand. Do yourself a favour and make a reservation at a preferred hotel at least a couple of months beforehand. This way, you will be able to get the cheapest possible rates. In fact, you may even get discounts on particular amenities and features.

Go on the Trip!

Needless to say, you can’t land close to the ski resort. You will have to book tickets for the closest airport to your ski resort. There are exclusive shuttle services that will take you directly to your resort. If you want, you can even decide to hike to the resort. However, that’s not recommended unless you have a guide along with you.

Once you check into the hotel, it is time to make yourself at home. Many ski chalets and resorts also hire exclusive guides to assist their guests. In case you forget to bring your own ski gear, you can also rent or buy ski gear directly from the ski chalet or hotel that you stay in. Many hotels are very well-furnished. They also have restaurants that offer cuisines from all over the world.

If you are new to skiing, it is best to stick to the guided paths. Many ski paths are divided with flags that will guide you where to go. Some of them even include the difficulty level, such as beginner, pro and intermediate. Needless to say, beginner ski tracks aren’t as steep. There are clear markers at every step of the way to guide you around the ski track. Once you feel comfortable on the beginner tracks, you can then up the difficulty by moving on to the intermediate level.

You will meet a lot of different people on your ski trip. Some will be seasoned professionals, while others will be new to skiing. It’s a great way to enjoy the winters, and it doesn’t even cost a lot to plan the whole trip. There are plenty of online services out there that can help you plan your trip!


Why Royal Park Hotel is the Best Option for Business Trip

When you’re on a business trip, you need to be comfortable and relaxed, ready to tackle meetings, conferences, client, business associates, etc. As your attention is going to be focused on the business side of things, you want to do nothing but rest and enjoy when you return to the hotel after a harrowing day.

You need to stay in a hotel that looks after you, that can provide you with the best rooms, excellent food and drinks and the best in class service. If you’re looking for a great hotel in Lima, you need to look no further than the Royal Park Hotel.


For a business traveler, location is very important and the Royal Park Hotel is very centrally located. San Isidro is the financial hub of Lima with several national and international companies headquartered here. The hotel is also quite close to the suburb of Miraflores, which is an upscale neighborhood and a popular tourist destination.

A great hotel in Lima should be located within easy distance of important architectural sites, parks and monuments. As Royal Park is located in San Isidro, guests will find offices and companies close at hand. You won’t have to commute great distances to meet associates or clients.


When you’re on a business trip, you want you stay somewhere comfortable and relaxing. A great hotel in Lima like the Royal Park will offer you the best of comfort and service. The hotel has several uniquely decorated rooms, all of them with comfortable beds to relax in, with luxurious Peruvian cotton sheets that you’ll love to sink into at the end of a busy day.

Every room is a fine example of luxury and design, allowing you to just sat back and enjoy the lavishness after a hard day’s work. You’ll always feel refreshed when you wake up the following morning.

Business Meetings

If you’re looking to organize conferences, you don’t need to step out of Royal Park. The hotel has five dedicated meeting rooms; The Royal Meeting Room, the Camino Real I Meeting Room, the Camino Real II Meeting Room, the Board Meeting Room and the Golf Meeting Room.

The Golf Meeting Room is reserved for guests residing in the Royal Suite but all these rooms are great for holding meetings in. You and your business associates can comfortably conduct your meetings here. Royal Park Hotel also offers excellent catering services so that you don’t go hungry during long meetings. As a great hotel in Lima, Royal Park always ensures the absolute comfort and satisfaction of its guests at all times.

Travel Trailer Propane Tips

Propane is a generally a non-toxic, non-poisonous gas commonly used in travel trailers to provide fuel for cooking stoves and heaters. However, using propane in bottles or tanks is not without its risks. Therefore, all due safety measures should be taken whenever propane gas is being used in a mobile home.

There are some essential safety tips when using propane in a travel trailer.

Leaks and Ventilation

  • Always store the tank in a properly ventilated area. Do not use tanks or stove connections unless they fit tightly and securely. Do not sleep with your head near or over the propane tank valves. Do not use grills or camp stoves fueled by propane indoors; always ensure proper ventilation. The smell of rotten eggs or rotten onions in the air warns of a propane leak. If a leak is suspected, call 911 and ask for the Fire Department. Evacuate the trailer. Do not attempt to search for the leak yourself, and do not turn on the lights or use an open flame in the vicinity. Know the propane tank exhaust point in your travel trailer and clear it of any leaves, branches or other combustible items. If there is a leak, do not touch the stove igniter.

Proper Care and Use of Tanks

  • Tanks should remain upright at all times and not be permitted to roll or get damaged. They should be stowed securely if the travel trailer is moved. All manufacturer’s instructions for camp stoves and any other appliances which might use propane for fuel should be followed carefully. Propane tanks should never be punctured. The valves should never be tampered with, nor connected to a hose not suitable in size. No open flame should be allowed near the tank or valve. Know where the shut off value is at all times in the event of an emergency. Do not try to reconfigure or repair the connections from the tank to the appliance.

Fire and Burn Safety

  • Keep children and pets away from any appliances being run with propane. Keep all flammable or combustible materials well away from any open flames. No flammable materials should be near any exhaust vent for the appliance.

Tank Set Up at a New Site

  • Check that there is no damage to the tank, nor any leaks, before connecting the travel trailer cables to the electricity supply, and before starting to use the propane tank.

How to Apply for a USA Holiday Visa

A U.S. holiday visa is a non-immigrant visa for tourist purposes. Before you apply for one, check that you are not already entitled to travel to the U.S. without a visa. The United States operates a Visa Waiver Program for foreign citizens from eligible countries. This allows you to apply only for a valid Electronic System for Travel Authorization, ESTA, approval, which is straightforward. Canadian and Bermudan citizens also normally can travel without a visa for tourism purposes.


  1. Gather supporting documents that state the reason for your trip and your intention to remain for a specific, limited period. These may include your itinerary, return flight ticket and your accommodation arrangements. Prepare evidence of funds to cover expenses during your visit and documents that show social and economic ties abroad, such as a residence outside the United States and employment information that will ensure your departure at the end of your visit.
  2. Apply to the U.S. embassy or consulate in your country of permanent residence. It is not impossible to qualify for the visa outside your country of permanent residence, but it can be more difficult for you to demonstrate ties to a country other than your place of permanent residence. With few exceptions for age and other criteria, an interview is required. Visa wait times for interview appointments vary.
  3. Go to the U.S. embassy for your prearranged appointment time and date. Submit fingerprint scans and answer questions during the interview. You are asked about your travel plans. The burden of proving intention to return home rests on the foreign traveler. Documents showing family ties or employment may suffice for these purposes. Wait for application approval or denial notification. Visa processing times vary.

How to Plan a Holiday Trip

Each year, millions of people load up the family car and set out on a holiday trip. Whether it’s to grandma’s house, a family reunion or simply a holiday getaway, these yearly road trips can often be the source of dread and stress. The thought of being trapped in the car with restless children or the possibility of car trouble along the way is enough to make anyone consider staying home. Luckily, with a little planning, these situations can be avoided.


  1. Plan out the route for your car trip. If you’re planning on driving to your holiday destination, a little planning can help make your trip easy and uneventful. Consider your starting point and desired destination, and investigate several possible routes. Remember, it’s likely that you won’t be the only person on the road during the holidays, and traffic is always a factor. Alternate routes or shortcuts can help reduce time spent in traffic jams and get you to your destination sooner. This information can also come in handy in case of detours, road construction or other situations that might block your primary route.
  2. Book airline tickets. Although traveling by air can be quick and convenient, it can also be much more expensive. Start planning your trip early to take advantage of advance purchase discounts and avoid sold out flights. Many airlines become extremely busy during the holidays so booking in advance can also help ensure that you get the flights that you want. High traffic destinations such as New York, Los Angeles or Atlanta can be extremely congested during the holidays. If you have the option, consider booking your flight to a nearby airport and renting a car for the short drive to your destination.
  3. Consider your luggage needs. If you’re traveling by car, the issue of luggage is only important with regards to the amount of room needed. Before you begin packing, think about how many people will be in your vehicle and how much room they will need to travel comfortably. This could affect the number of bags that you can take along. For traveling by air, the number of bags that you take is a much bigger concern. Not only is the possibility of lost luggage an issue, but most airlines now charge extra for checked baggage. For a family of four, carrying a few bags each could result in several hundred dollars worth of baggage fees during your trip. Try to pack as lightly as possible.
  4. Plan your trip to avoid peak travel times. If you have the flexibility, consider planning your travel on days or during times when you are less likely to encounter others. Highways are typically more busy on Fridays and Sundays, so traveling on Tuesday or Thursday will help you to avoid traffic jams. Traveling at night is also a great way to miss the traffic and the kids will sleep during the trip. Although the same general theory works for airline travel, overnight travel is not usually an option. Airline websites often show the difference in fares during non-peak times, which can help you plan your trip. Traveling during non-peak times can also reduce the possibility of delays or canceled flights.
  5. Consider alternative travel options. As an alternative to driving or flying, check into the possibility of traveling by train, bus or even boat. These options will allow you to enjoy your trip and reduce the stress of driving or running through airports. Given that these options are less popular, you can also find great deals on holiday travel.

4 Tips for Traveling Safely While You’re in College

Traveling as a college student can be a whole lot of fun, especially when you’re with your friends. The idea of being out on your own and seeing the world is exhilarating, and few stop to think of the problems they may come across. It doesn’t matter where you plan to spend your vacation – domestically or internationally – you’re going to need to safeguard yourself and your belongings to prevent theft or harm.

Students at Maryville University and UC Santa Barbara should begin planning ahead for their travels to ensure a seamless experience. Here are a few travel tips for students you should keep in mind as you plan your next beach, backpacking or sightseeing getaway.

  1. Be On Alert at All Times

There’s no time during your trip when you should let your guard down. This is especially so when you’re traveling abroad to a country you’re unfamiliar with. The people, cultures, lifestyles and environment are very different than what you are used to, which can make you stick out like a sore thumb. There are many cities around the world that prey on tourists, so make sure you stay on high alert at all times. Be aware of your surroundings and remain cautious (not paranoid).

  1. Let Family and Friends Know of Your Plans

Your parents and friends should be given information about where you plan to be during your trip. Make sure to give them phone numbers and addresses for where you will be staying. This way, if anything goes wrong, they know where to come look for you. It’s good to have an itinerary set up, so that you can give it to them. This will ensure they know where you will be on any given day. Also, make sure to bring along all emergency contact numbers, such as for your parents, insurance company and any other numbers that may come in handy while you’re away.

  1. Don’t Draw Attention to Yourself

It’s good to try and blend in with the culture of the city you’re visiting, especially when you’re traveling abroad. In certain countries, people dress more conservatively. If this is the case, then dress similarly, so as not to draw unwanted attention to yourself. You’re there to observe their way of life, not to be observed. Try selecting outfits that don’t scream tourist, because this will only make you a target of thieves and scam artists.

  1. Choose Your Bags Wisely

If you carry around a purse, make sure that it’s one that can be zipped. This will prevent pickpockets from getting away with your goods without you knowing. The bags you tote along should be very secure, especially if you’re traveling to a big city. A purse that opens at the top makes it easier for you to grab out your wallet, passport and other valuable items you may need along your travels. Whatever you do, don’t set down your bags or leave them unattended at any time.

These tips can be used whether you’re traveling abroad or locally, so keep them in mind as you’re vacationing!

4 Major Reasons to Travel After College

Most people don’t advise taking a gap year between high school and college, but it can often be very beneficial between college and career. Not only is a little decompression from academic life often necessary before you jump into a full-time job, but it can also be a good thing for your resume if you go about it in the right way. You don’t want to travel the world simply for the sake of sowing your wild oats, you want to tie it all into your major life goals. Here are four major reasons to travel after college.

  1. Start Putting Theory into Practice

By the time you graduate from college you will have spent your entire life learning about the real world, but until you’ve actually experienced the real world, you haven’t put any of your theories into practice. Whatever your major, you can gain a lot of insight into how things really work if you apply what you’ve studied to your own personal adventures. You can learn all about the reign of the conquistadors and the mark they made on the various countries throughout South America when you earn your degree in anthropology from University of Southern California, but until you actually travel through South America, you won’t be able to understand from a firsthand perspective.

  1. Boost Your Resume

A lot of people think that it looks better to employers if you start applying for jobs directly after you finish college, but that’s not always the case. If you can demonstrate to potential employers that you found a way to tie the theories presented in your thesis to the experience you had throughout your travels, then you could potentially give yourself a very good edge in comparison to a lot of their other applicants. There’s nothing like a worldlier perspective to round out your appeal when you start to go on interviews.

  1. Do it While You Can

A lot of people assume that they will be able to travel when they are older and have more money, but the truth is that you never know whether or not you will ever really increase your disposable income, and you don’t want to wait until it’s too late. If you decided to stay in your home town and earn your degree from a school like Marylhurst Online, then you’ve already missed out on the opportunity to go away for college. If you don’t take the opportunity to do some traveling before you start having kids, then things will get a lot more expensive and complicated in the future.

  1. Take Advantage of Student Discounts

Just because you’ve already graduated from college doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from cheap student travel rates. That’s because in a lot of foreign countries, especially in Europe, they offer student discounts to anyone under the age of 25, whether or not they actually happen to be students. These types of discounts can really add up, so you may as well take advantage of them while you still can.

Exploring the wild waters of the Nile in Uganda

What could be more adventurous or exciting than a high-octane trip down the Nile on an inflatable raft? Known as the Pearl of Africa, Uganda may not instantly spring to mind when you think of white water rafting – or the Nile, for that matter – but the combination of this compelling country and the exhilaration that the upper reaches of the river Nile offer could make this your next adventure holiday.


Image Credit

Whether you are travelling with family, are a first-timer or a white water enthusiast, you’ll find something to suit everyone on Uganda’s White Nile. Jinja at the source of the Nile is East Africa’s adventure capital and home to some of earth’s finest white water rafting, including demanding grade 5 sections.

Expect to be met with breathtaking scenery, exotic cultures and friendly tribes as you travel down the river through this captivating country. As the longest river in the world, the Nile in Uganda boasts some of the best rapids in the world and people visit from all over the globe to enjoy and delight in adrenalin-fuelled water sports such as kayaking and rafting in addition to more sedate river cruises and riverside activities.

Other activities

Many other exciting activities are also on offer in this spellbinding country, such as elephant safaris at Queen Elizabeth National Park where you may also be lucky enough to spot tree-climbing lions. Scale the magnificent “mountains of the moon” otherwise known as the Rwenzoris, or take a deep forest hike into the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to meet the majestic mountain gorillas. Track chimpanzees in Kibale Forest or enjoy exploring Kampala’s exotic and colourful markets.

Reputable firms

Travelling with a reputable tour company when in Africa can take a lot of the stress and strain out of organising your trip, and companies such as http://www.steppestravel.co.uk/uganda offer holidays that can combine adventure with safari or even Uganda gorilla trekking trips to see the rare and endangered mountain gorillas that inhabit the country’s national parks.

Be sure to use an established and experienced water sports company when heading out on the Nile. Expert instructors and guides, along with quality equipment, will ensure you have the time of your life while keeping you safe. The White Nile offers thrilling and memorable experiences regardless of skill level or age.

Find the best Cruise Deals and Discount Cruises

Most of the people prefer to go outing for relax themselves from their tight work schedule. Today’s people have more hectic work and they are handling too much pressure.
New-Cruise-Ships_v12_8 (2)To relax them from the hectic work is travelling. They can plan for their travelling with their friends or with their family. Many people like to enjoy the entertainment and they are not interest in other types of activities. Some people are food lovers and they like to eat different varieties of food and they like to choose the place where they can eat different food items along with the entertainment. To get rid of the stress and tension it is good to enjoy the entertainment. If they relax themselves then it is easy for them to do their work after them returning from their holiday. People can enjoy both the entertainment and food in the best cruises. Many people are planning for their vacation in the cruises where they can enjoy lot of entertainment and they can taste different varieties of food. There are many cruise deals are available for people so they can make use of the deal for save their money. Most of the cruises are ready to offer the discount so people can enjoy their vacation without spending more amounts. These cruises are good for both couples and families. They are arranging special dining for couples and families. Many newly married couples like to spend their honey moon on these cruises. They can enjoy the outer beauty through windows. The Mediterranean and Caribbean are very famous for tourist. And many people like to travel in the New York cruise.

Varieties of packages for tourist

Many cruises are offering different packages for their tourists. People can choose the packages which will suit for them. The oceanic view is good to see and people could not forget the experience for their life long. It is better for them to book the cruise in advance so they can save more money.  If they book the cruise at the neck of the moment need to pay high charge. Many people are interest to spend their holidays in the cruise so there is great demand for them. Some cruises will give discount offers for weekends so people those who are interest to spend their weekend can book in advance. And they can book these cruise through websites. There are many websites are available for booking cruise and in some cruise they will charge depends on the number of person travelling in the cruise. There are different packages and discount offers are available for people and they can easily able to know about the different offers in different websites. Many websites are ready to give various details about the cruise. It is more useful for the people to know about different packages and choose the packages which will suit for them. There are many dinner cruise are available for people where they can enjoy the romantic dance with their loved one. They can enjoy the music and they can taste the different types of cuisines.  Visit here for detail information cruiseweb.com

How to Prepare Your Home before a Vacation

Vacation is an opportunity to relax and escape from the everyday. Before you leave on vacation, follow these precautionary steps to ensure your home will stay safe and secure during your time away.

  1. Prepare for severe weather conditions

Weather is an uncontrollable element that can cause serious damage to your home. If you are away on vacation and disaster strikes there is nothing you can do. The best way to prevent damage to your house is to perform routine maintenance so it is ready to withstand the elements. First, check all doors and windows for cracks or visible damage. Ensure the weather-stripping is in good shape to avoid allowing water in and unnecessary air out. Have some roofers inspect your home’s exterior elements, specifically the gutters, siding, and roof. Any buildup of debris on the roof or gutters can cause leaks which, if left untreated, can lead to severe interior and exterior damage.

  1. Make it look like someone is home

Burglars keep an eye on homes that look unoccupied. If possible, leave on an interior as well as exterior light to deter robbers from your house. Have a neighbor pick up your newspaper, flyers, and mail while you are away. Days of newspaper left on the driveway is a dead giveaway of an absent home.

  1. Leave emergency information

If something were to happen to your home while you are away you would need to be contacted. Inform a trustworthy friend or neighbor that you will be leaving and give them the necessary information to contact you while you’re gone.

Keep your vacation private from social media and other publically accessible outlets. It would be best to post photos after you return to a safe and undisturbed home. Following these simple tips will ensure you spend a relaxing vacation with your friends or family without having to worry about the status of your home.

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Going on a Solo Road Trip


Taking a road trip on your own can be fun and exciting. After all, you’ll get to escape the humdrum of daily life and head off to a place where you can recharge your batteries. Of course, you’ll have the chance to visit new places, see many popular attractions and interact with different interesting people along the way.


But remember that going on a solo road trip isn’t exactly a piece of cake. Before you can have successful holiday, you first need to take several important steps. One of these is to avoid committing mistakes that will make your break less enjoyable or even ruin it altogether, such as the following:

Underestimating your budget

Road trips are cheaper than other types of trips, but they still do require a certain amount of money. So, when planning your adventure, make sure to set aside enough funds. This way, you can cover all your travel needs and have plenty of cash that you can use in case you run into emergencies.

Choosing the wrong vehicle

It can be tempting to book the cheapest motorhome or campervan you can find, but don’t give in to the temptation. Instead, do your homework and look for a reputable motorhome rental company who offers high-quality units at competitive prices. If you want to go on a road trip in Australia, for example, get the help of Hippie Camper. By doing this, you’ll have access to sturdy and reliable vehicles that won’t break down every now and then and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Hippie Camper offer their services at superb rates and even offer special deals, so you won’t have to worry about going over your budget and spending more than what you can afford.

Failing to tell anyone where you’re going

You never know when unfortunate events would happen, so it’s important to inform your friends and family about where you’re going and ensure they know where to track you in case emergencies would arise. Give your loved ones a copy of your itinerary and, if possible, the contact numbers of the people you’ll be visiting during your trip. You can also install a GPS tracking app in your smartphone so your partner, parents, siblings or friends will know exactly where you are at any given time.

Forgetting to bring the essentials

You’ve probably already packed your clothes and shopped for food, drinks and toiletries, but these aren’t the only things you need. If you want to enjoy a comfortable and successful holiday, you must also have:

  • Torches, candles, matches and lighters ― you never know when your vehicle’s battery system would be fully drained, so stock up on these items so you’ll always have a light source.
  • A deck of cards, your MP3 player, your tablet computer, a stash of books ― there will be times when you’ll want to stay in and lounge around your motorhome instead of getting out and exploring the world. There’s nothing wrong with this, but make sure you have things that will keep you entertained and occupied during these moments.
  • Blankets, pillows, pillowcases, etc. ― most vehicle rental companies will supply you with linen but, for maximum comfort, it’s always better to bring your own.

Steer clear of these mistakes to ensure your road trip will be fun, successful and unforgettable!

Toyota Innova – the Best Seven-Seater Car for Travelling

When it comes to travelling, especially if one is going on a long trip, the vehicle should offer enough space, comfort and easy riding. With a large number of people travelling frequently and over a long distance, cars with good space, power and comfort are in great demand. However, it is not often very easy to choose the best car from the available plethora of choices.

Nevertheless, when it comes to seven-seater cars, there is not much confusion regarding the choice. The most popular MPV in India, Toyota Innova, will win the contest for best seven-seater car for travelling quite easily. Although there are few rivals to this mighty vehicle, none of them has been able to match its popularity and performance as of yet. Here is a quick look at the car and the reason why it is considered as the best seven-seater car for travelling.


Firstly, when it comes to overall ride quality, comfort and performance, not many can match a Toyota. The Innova is a world-class car in all sense of the word. It comes with great space, excellent features, modern styling and flexibility. Equipped with state of the art features like global outstanding assessment (GOA) body, large, responsive disc brakes, SRS airbags, impact beams on doors, highly firm frame, collapsible steering column and many more, the Innova is a pleasure to ride and be ridden in.

A truly global car, the Innova comes with many comfort features like top class special air conditioning system, reverse parking camera, a 2-DIN touch-screen entertainment system, steering mounted audio controls, front passenger airbag and much more. Safety and comfort of passengers is not incidental for Toyota, it is the primary objective of the company to provide excellent rides to travellers.

A highly potent engine powers Innova, which is a seven-seater MPV. A 2.5-litre diesel engine, which generates a peak power of 102 PS and top torque of 200 Nm, which is ultra responsive powers this mighty car. The Innova comes with a five-speed manual gearbox, which is the only slight disappointment in this car, as it could have been equipped with a six-speed gearbox.

The Innova is priced between 10.10 lakh rupees to 14.93 lakh rupees and it has propelled itself as the first choice of families and travel agencies alike.

Its superior build quality, comfortable and spacious interiors and airy cabin along with other desirable features like good ground clearance, greater visibility, easy handling, and good road presence makes Innova the best seven-seater car for travelling in India.

Its competitors like Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, Toyota Fortuner, Mahindra XUV500, Mahindra Xylo, Tata Aria, Datsun Go+ and the Honda Mobilio pales in comparison.


For more information on new cars & bikes log on to Auto Portal &  Bikeportal.in

How to Get Discount California Adventures Tickets

How to Get Discount California Adventures Tickets. California Adventures is the newest park at Disneyland. It offers many exciting shows, parades and thrill rides such as Rip Roarin’ Rapids, Soaring over California and Twilight Tower of Terror. Because the Disneyland Parks are family parks, there’s also a lot to do with younger children too. Disneyland Park vacations aren’t cheap, but there are some things you can do to get discount California Adventures Tickets.


  1. Contact Disneyland. Disneyland offers many package deals that may include discounted California Adventure’s Tickets. By them in advance online, so shipping costs are minimal and you know you’re getting the best discount.
  2. Plan to go for many days and purchase a multiple day pass. The more days you go, the cheaper each day costs.
  3. Check with your employer. You may find they offer discount tickets, especially if you live in the Los Angeles area.
  4. Live in zip codes 90000-93599 for discount tickets. If you have friends or family that live in those zip codes, ask them to purchase you discount tickets.
  5. Consider buying a Disneyland annual pass. Annual passes let you park hop or go to California Adventure and Disneyland all in the same trip. If you plan to go to California Adventures many times a year, this is a great way to save some money.
  6. Purchase Southern California City Passes. These passes allow you to get into many amusement parks for discounted rates, including California Adventures.
  7. Be a member of the California Teacher’s Association, a member of the military, a member of Los Angeles area police or fire fighters, or a member of AAA, CSA or a college student with ID to get discount tickets.

How to Meet Characters at Disney's California Adventure

Located next door to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, Disney’s California Adventure is also where many of the world-famous characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse like to go on vacation. If you’d like to meet them along with some Pixar and Playhouse Disney stars, use these tips to discover where to look.


  1. Have lunch or dinner at a character dining establishment like Ariel’s Grotto. Greet the mermaid princess as you enter the dining room and meet other characters like Minnie Mouse, Chip and Dale and Pluto as they go from table to table while you dine.
  2. Watch for Disney character appearances in the courtyard just beyond the Golden Gate Bridge (near the giant golden sun statue). Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and Max (dressed in vacation wear) will often pose for photos and autographs throughout the day.
  3. Encounter characters from Pixar films and Playhouse Disney shows in the area in front of the Animation Studios and the Playhouse Disney Live on Stage show in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot. While you’ll see Handy Manny, Frozone, Mike and Sully outside, for example, you can also head inside the Animation Studios to greet characters like Cinderella, Hercules and the animals from Chicken Little.
  4. Visit a Bug’s Land to meet Flik and Atta, the hero and heroine from “A Bug’s Life.” You can also see them, along with other Pixar stars in the Pixar Play Parade (where you’ll be able to get pictures, but no autographs).
  5. Take pictures with Mater or Lighting McQueen if you see them resting across from the Soarin’ Over California attraction in the Golden State Area.
  6. Check the courtyard outside the theater where they show Golden Dreams in the Golden State. You may meet characters from historical Disney movies like Mulan and Pocahontas.
  7. Let the cast member working at the Guest Services booth know which character you hope to meet. She should be able to tell you when and where they’ll appear in a parade, show or photo opportunity.

Types of Adventure Tourism

Although adventure tourism means different things to many people, it is generally defined as a type of tourism that engages a person in physical, natural or cultural excursions that bring the individual outside his comfort zone, generally through an established tour company. This broad idea is broken into two major subcategories of adventure tourism: hard adventure and soft adventure. Hard adventure tourism generally involves an element of physical danger or risk, whereas soft adventure tourism simply seeks to explore areas that are not typical for travelers, such as visiting relatively undeveloped destinations.

Bungee jumping is a popular form of hard adventure tourism.

EcotourismGenerally considered to fall under the category of soft adventure tourism, ecotourism is a form of travel whereby the adventurer explores undeveloped, natural and culturally sensitive areas with a desire to experience it while leaving it intact and unchanged. Ecotourism is done with minimal equipment and accommodations, relying on an ecologically and culturally sensitive approach for procuring food and shelter, such as forgoing established resorts and restaurants in favor of locally owned and sourced alternatives. Although ecotourism is more of a travel philosophy than a destination-oriented undertaking, some popular destinations for ecotourism include the Amazon rainforest, Arctic polar bear viewing, the Costa Rican rainforest and barrier reefs.

Rainforest trek.

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Accessible TourismAccessible tourism straddles the line between hard and soft adventure tourism, providing excursions for the mobility-challenged that can take the form of cultural exploration and extreme activities such as bungee-jumping or white-water rafting. Accessible tourism is a growing industry that seeks to provide individuals with barriers to mobility a personally rewarding, adrenaline-inducing adventure experience that might otherwise be out of reach. Several companies dedicated to accessible tourism have recently opened, providing those with disabilities a fully personalized adventure tourism package with specialized equipment and training.

White water rafting.

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Thrill TourismThrill tourism is the best known type of hard adventure tourism. Bungee jumping, white-water rafting, mountaineering, parasailing, BASE jumping, rock climbing and spelunking are all popular forms of thrill tourism, but anything that incites an adrenaline rush and a sense of danger applies. This type of adventure tourism is generally done through an established company that provides appropriate safety and training measures, since most thrill tourism activities can be extremely risky.

Thrill tourism is bungee jumping.

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Ethno TourismEthno tourism is a form of soft tourism that brings participants into contact with cultures and diverse people around the globe. Often involving long treks into undeveloped areas, ethno tourism does involve a certain amount of risk, but reputable ethno tourism companies take these considerations into account to ameliorate risk factors such as exposure to disease, social or political upheaval, food safety issues and physical demands. Another consideration when undertaking ethno tourism is the potential for adverse effects on indigenous populations, such as the possibility of exposing them to illness to which they might have no immunity.


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Exotic Vacations for Singles

Solo travelers are a growing segment of the travel industry.

Singles looking to travel on their own have plenty of options when it comes to exotic vacations. Many travel agencies and tour companies cater to single travelers and offer itineraries with the solo explorer in mind. Some single people enjoy traveling alone, because they are free to do what they want without having to worry about the plans and desires of companion travelers.

Singles Travel International

  • Singles Travel International specializes in the “art of the single traveler,” according to its mission statement. With 25 years of travel experience, Singles Travel International offers a variety of tours, from domestic trips to exotic jaunts a world away, all while catering to the specific needs of single travelers. Planned trips for 2010 include the seven-day “Isle of Crete Rendez-Vous” and 10-day “Luxury Galapagos Cruise & Ecuador,” as well as weekend getaways like the “4th of July Party Cruise” to the Bahamas and “Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque.”

O Solo Mio Tours

  • The owner of O Solo Mio Tours started the company in 1991 because she grew “tired of traveling alone,” according to the “New York Times.” Her Los Altos-based tour company plans vacations for singles who feel the same way. O Solo Mio keeps tour groups fairly small and divides travelers into two age groups. The 18-35 tours cater to the younger crowd looking to meet new people during their travels, and the 35 and older trips feature more traditional itineraries. Upcoming jaunts in 2010 include an Alaska cruise, island hopping in Greece and a 10-day tour of Ireland.

Best Single Travel

  • Upcoming tours from Best Single Travel include the “Wonders of Turkey” tour, a singles safari in Kenya, Africa, and the “Running of the Bulls” in Spain. This tour company also features eco-adventures to Costa Rica and Machu Picchu. For the sportier set, Best Single Travel offers a “Surf School” program and skiing jaunts to California, Montana, Colorado and Wyoming, as well as multisport tours to far-flung locales such as Morocco, Thailand and Peru.

Club Med Worldwide Resorts

  • For singles who want to experience an exotic beach vacation, Club Med offers all-inclusive packages specifically for solo travelers. Club Med boasts singles resorts in the Bahamas, Martinique, Turkey, Brazil, Turks & Caicos and Italy. Whether you want some time alone on the water or the chance to meet new friends, Club Med takes care of all the details allowing guests to simply let go and enjoy their vacation. Premium Club Med trips include accommodations, all meals and snacks, a variety of entertainment and round trip airfare to the resort.


Cruise Travel Insurance Comparison

When planning a honeymoon or a dream family cruise vacation, consider purchasing supplemental travel insurance to provide protection and financial compensation in the event you need to reschedule or cancel plans. There are many different types of policies available. Tour operators, travel agents and cruise lines offer a diverse array of options. The Internet is an ideal tool to do a bit of comparison shopping before deciding on the coverage that best fits your cruise travel needs.

Most cruise lines offer limited insurance included in the purchase of your passage.

Lost Luggage

  • Cruise clothing, cameras, computers, sports equipment and electronics are expensive. If your luggage is misdirected or lost, travel insurance can replace your items and compensate for the financial loss. Common carriers, including airlines, cruise ships, buses, ferries and trains, include some coverage in the purchase of your ticket. This coverage is often quite limited and may not cover the value of your items. Travel insurance providers offer additional coverage to cover lost or stolen items. Compare insurance plans to make sure that you have adequate insurance to replace all high ticket items you transport.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance

  • Online insurance providers offer dozens of different policies and add-on options to provide complete comprehensive insurance for persons planning a cruise vacation. Several providers offer up to $1 million in accidental death insurance, coverage for medical emergencies, medical evacuation, lost baggage, flight interruptions and cancellations, as well as for trip disruption for business. Use their interactive tools to find a policy that offers you emotional and financial assurance. Enter the date of departure and return, destinations and the number of people traveling in your group. Special group rates are offered for parties of 10 or more. Most companies offer free coverage for children under the age of 18 traveling with an insured guardian or parent.


  • Compare policies by reading the fine print. Determine if there are rules or regulations that limit coverage based on previous conditions, age or gender. Travel insurance companies also offer coverage for high risk sports activities, such as rock climbing, scuba diving, skiing and white water rafting. If activities offered by your cruise line or activities on shore put you at risk, this type of coverage is a prudent purchase.

Cancellation Protection

  • An illness in the family, conflicting business obligations, inclement weather, airline strikes or political unrest can cause you to need to cancel or reschedule your cruise vacation plans. Cruise lines, both large and small, offer insurance packages that will offset the expense of events that can disrupt your travel itinerary. Be sure to read the fine print carefully and ask questions if you do not fully understand the extent and limitations of a policy.

How to Go on a Teen Adventure

Embarking on a teen adventure is an exciting moment in anyone’s life. With a little organization and creative thinking, teens can put their parents’ minds at ease and get organized for an epic journey they’ll never forget. Consider going with other friends, brainstorm on ideas together, and find ways to raise your own money for the trip. The more initiative and more responsible you are in planning your teen adventure, the smoother the entire process will go.
Brainstorm ideas for an adventure.

Planning A Teen Adventure

  1. Ask your parents or guardians for permission to go on a teen adventure and discuss expenses and where you will go. Come up with a plan with your parents on how you will stay in touch and stay safe to put their mind at ease and make the conversation more comfortable.
  2. Research teen travel tours through EF Tours (EFtours.com), American Trails West (atwteentours.com) your local church group, community center, teen adventure summer camps, or even your own high school’s language club for options.
  3. Speak to your friends about taking a teen adventure together and decide where to go such as skiing, white water rafting, hiking, or the beach and whose parents can chaperone.
  4. Get organized and apply for a passport if you’re going on an overseas teen adventure, fill out any paperwork for teen tours and send in deposits for any hotels or lodging.
  5. Earn money by babysitting, washing neighbor’s cars, mowing lawns, walking dogs, or another part-time job to help pay for the costs of your teen adventure.

Read more : http://www.ehow.com/how_8285184_go-teen-adventure.html

The Best Vacations for Senior Singles

Senior singles' wanderlust is well catered to by the tourism market.
While many single seniors have both time and freedom to travel, they frequently pay way more than the odds for the privilege. Luckily, numerous niche tour operators specifically cater to the baby boomer market, offering bucket-list adventures that are imaginative, stimulating and affordable.

Worldwide Adventures

  • Smithsonian Journeys, one of Condé Nast Traveler’s top travel specialist picks, organizes adventure tours across the globe with an educational flavor. Seniors can explore the Amazon, an African safari, Antarctica or wonders closer to home such as Yellowstone National Park, the Canadian Rockies and the Lewis and Clark trail, with each tour led by an expert guide. ElderTreks also specializes in travel for the 50-plus market, taking small groups to more than 100 countries on several continents, with adventures as disparate as Ethiopian monastery tours and hiking the jungles of Borneo. The Daily Telegraph recommends Explore for the sheer breadth of its 450 worldwide tours, from an Indian Rail Odyssey to a cruise of the Norwegian fjords. One of the longest-serving tour operators for seniors, Explore promotes room-share no-supplement rates for solo travelers.

Senior Cruises

  • Even though 80 percent of cruise ship passengers are married, solo seniors are well catered to by certain cruise lines. Cruise Critic recommends Norwegian Cruise Lines, voted best cruise line for solo travelers, for its single studio cabins, while Holland America has a wide range of activities for seniors, from enrichment programs to wine tastings. The cruise line even provides dancing partners for single ladies on the longer cruises. According to CNN Travel, Silversea’s luxury Silver Spirit cruise represents the best cruise for singles, with impeccable service and cruises through the Caribbean, South Pacific and Mediterranean. If mobility is an issue, an Alaskan cruise allows passengers to enjoy stunning scenery from the deck. Princess Cruises and Holland America are both veterans of the Alaskan market and have the all-important permits to enter Glacier Bay National Park, one of the most imposing landscapes in the region.

Cultural Tours

  • Travel expert Rick Steves recommends seniors and solo travelers tour Europe in the shoulder season from April to June and September to November to avoid the crowds and secure the lowest hotel rates and air fares. Look also for senior discounts on rail travel, admission to cultural sites and hostel accommodation. Apart from its roster of river cruises, Grand Circle tours specializes in “hub and spoke” tours where guests base themselves in a handful of hotels and use them as bases to explore outward, with highlights including Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, Eastern Europe and the cultural capitals of Spain. The Daily Telegraph also picks Andante travel’s archaeological tours among its top solo holidays, with guided group expeditions that explore the legacy of Ancient Egypt and Classical Greece and Rome, among others.

Travel Precautions

  • The bane of the solo senior traveler is paying single room supplements. Travel Weekly recommends a variety of tactics to avoid them. For a start, booking through a tour operator can usually result in supplements being waived as part of a Solo Savings Program, such as that operated by Abercrombie & Kent. Alternatively, solo travelers can sign up for a room share, usually same-sex, on cruises and itineraries. Insurance is another issue — not just travel insurance, for which seniors typically pay more, but also evacuation insurance in case of emergency. Bear in mind, too, that Medicare is not valid outside the U.S. For this reason, the Toronto Star recommends a trip to Europe for seniors, not least because of the excellent health care in case of emergency, but also because of a progressive attitude toward senior travelers.

How to Travel the Silk Road

The Silk Road, a vast and ancient network of overland trade routes,
spreads over Europe and Asia and passes through numerous presentday
countries. Active trading along the route began sometime in the
first millennium B.C.E., introduced the luxuries of the East to the
Roman Empire and continued until the early Renaissance era. Travel
this route today as part of a cultural and historical adventure.


  1. Collect Silk Road literature. Numerous academic and popular works cover this subject, including art histories, anthropological studies, economic investigations and historical novels.
  2. Study a map of the region, available online from the Silk Road Project (silkroadproject.org), and choose your route.
  3. Read up on the countries that you plan to pass through. Knowledge about the currency, culture, ancient history, current situation and geography will all be helpful and interesting. Use a separate guidebook for each country–those from Lonely Planet Publications (lonelyplanet.com) offer well-rounded information.
  4. Pick a method of travel. Determined adventurers might outfit a sturdy vehicle or even a motorcycle. More casual travelers may choose to break the trip into a series of train trips, stopping in the more interesting cities (see ChinaRailTravel.com). Luxurious charter trains also offer all-inclusive tours (try Voyages Jules Verne at vjv.co.uk). Any full-service travel agency can book such a trip; expect to pay several thousand dollars. See 416 Ride the Rails Abroad.
  5. Focus on a single country if you want a less involved trip. Many countries are proud of their Silk Road history and promote it as a tourist experience. For example, the Tajikistan Web site (www.tajiktour.tajnet.com) provides contact information for the National Tourism Company as well as basic history and information about the country.
  6. Prepare for mountain weather. Many areas of Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan are rugged mountains and subject to severe winter weather. Travel in the summer months if your route crosses any high mountain passes.
  7. Use your guidebooks to gauge where you’ll find amenities. Large cities are accustomed to travelers and provide a wide range of services. Smaller towns are likely to be less visited by travelers and may offer pleasingly low prices but fewer services.
  8. Convert a small amount of currency for each country before you go. You won’t need to carry a lot of cash if your ATM card is linked to a global network. Check with your bank.

Wildlife and Nature Attractions Near Bandhavgarh National Park

If you are looking for a wildlife adventure trip, then the Bandhavgarh National Park is your ideal destination. This is one of India’s oldest and biggest national parks. Situated in Madhya Pradesh, this national park is most known for being the home of a large population of Bengal tigers, which are an endangered species. The tiger population in the Bandhavgarh is considered to be one of the highest in India. This natural paradise covers a vast area of 105 square kilometre. It provides a natural habitat for a wide range of fauna and flora, thereby making it a treasured spot for those wildlife and nature lovers. At the Bandhavgarh National Park, adventurous safaris via elephants and jeeps. Travelling through the reserve for a whole day can be tiresome. Don’t worry! There are many convenient and luxury hotels and lodges in Bandhavgarh,where you can rest. Although a long journey to just visit the Bandhavgarh national park is totally worth, this treasured place has more to offer. This God given gift of a national park is also surrounded by many more attractions that are bound to lure you in.

Bandhavgarh Fort:

After a sunny day of safari on the wildlife filled paths of Bandhavgarh, It is only natural to want to spend some pleasant and relaxing time. Well, the Bandhavgarh has a solution for that too – The Bandhavgarh fort. This fort is believed to be more than 2000 years old. It depicts the excellence of the Indian architecture and is loaded with history. It has many sculpture of the Indian God Lord Vishnu, vibrating spiritual aura. Its serene surroundings and pleasant aura demands admiration.

Bhedaghat provides a breath-taking sight to the eyes with grand rock formations that flawlessly flank the serene Narmadha River. These rock formations are naturally formed white marbles which are reflected beautifully on the Narmadha River. There is also adventurous entertainment like ropeway at Bhedaghat. The bustling river continue to a majestic waterfall called the Dhuandhar, which is another product of nature’s wondrous creativity.

Kanha Tiger Reserve:

The wildlife experience does not end at the Bandhavgarh national reserve. The Kanha Tiger Reserve is another must visit place for the wildlife enthusiasts. It is covered with tall bamboo forests and overgrown rolling grasslands, thereby providing an ideal home for the endangered Bengal tigers.

Fossil National Park:

The fossil national park is an interesting place to visit, as it has several floral species preserved finely in the fossil form. This place contains one of the largest collection of preserved floras that were available in India long before 150 million years.

There are many more exciting places near the Bandhavgarh national reserve like the Climber’s point, where one can get the complete aerial view of the bandhavgarh reserve, three cave point, where the brilliance of ancient India architecture is beautifully showcased, and the Village tala, where one can witness the ethnic way of living in an authentic Indian village. With so many attractions and places to visit, one has to spend more than a day at this location, which is also facilitated with many affordable lodges in Bandhavgarh.

Things to look at which deciding on a towing company in Chicago

Though towing services are not completely new in the market, but very few people know what to actually look for while choosing a good towing company in Chicago. The point is that unless you come across any such need, you can’t find answer to this question. We have a perception in our minds that our vehicles are superb and won’t encounter any damage or problem on road. We think we would never come across the need for tow truck service in Chicago. It is a kind of expense for many, or may be for all, who don’t think in this regard.

It is really good if you never come across the need for towing services in the region. But at the same time, there are many people who have encountered this disastrous situation several times and understand the importance of a good and reliable towing company. Irrespective of whether you face it or not, it is always better to register with a good towing company to avoid any inconvenience on road. Let us discuss further on points that need to be checked while deciding on a particular towing company in Chicago.

The very first thing to look for is the prompt response of the company. As it is a kind of emergency, the fasters they respond is the key to selection. If you lag any promptness, it is better to look at another company.

Next thing to look for is their size of the fleet. There is no guarantee that all their vehicles will be available at one time as problems can occur anytime anywhere. The more

vehicles they have, the better services they can deliver to their customers. In addition, you can be rest assured that your call would be answered in the minimum time frame and in the most professional way.

Another crucial thing to look for is the kind of equipment they have. In order to manage any kind of vehicle issue, they should have the right equipment to carry out the repair job. If they fail to get important equipment at one particular point of time, it means they can’t promise to deliver outstanding services.

Before you finalize your decision in this regard, do pay close attention to all the underlying factors to avoid any last minute delay or inconvenience. Your own involvement at the initial state if very much necessary and plays an immense role in ensuring great services.

List of Advantages of Adventure Tourism

Adventure tourism started out small, but has gained market share throughout the world. This is due in part to vacationers who want something different, to be able to use their time to make a difference, or they may be looking to combine travel with their favorite sport or activity. Whatever the reason, economically depressed areas and emerging markets can capitalize on

Adventure tourism can have many positive advantages.

Added Jobs

  • Adventure tourism infuses money into the local economy. This happens in many ways, from hosting travel groups, to support services such as food and transportation. If an economically depressed area brings adventure tourism, jobs in transporting, housing, feeding, and entertaining visitors are created.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Leaders in the adventure tourism industry are dedicated to making this tourism segement as sustainable as possible. Xola, a company that partners with new and existing adventure tourism operators, conducts industry research on the environmental impact of this type of travel. One of their reports is “Brazil, Russia, India, China and Mexico: Balancing Adventure Travel Potential with Climate Change and Water Scarcity.”

Support Local Communities

  • Adventure tourism can bring humanitarian aid to areas that needs it. Adventure Aid is a company that combines a traveler’s desire to make a difference with a community in need. If visitors help provide clean water or other needs, it not only benefits the community, but strengthens the community’s ability to provide for future travellers. The more tourists, the more economic growth.

Creating Entrepreneurs

  • Adventure tourism is a relatively inexpensive industry to for a community to start. There are companies that specialize in helping emerging adventure tourism operators market their product. Partnering with an established company can help burgeoning markets gain credibility faster, since they can avoid the mistakes that others made before them.

How to Have an Adventure

When you feel as though life has become boring and hum drum, step outside your door and have an adventure. It doesn’t have to be planned or outlandish, because there are adventures everywhere you turn.


  1. Use your imagination. Pitch a tent in your back yard, build a well-contained fire, make smores and have an adventure telling ghost stories with your family or friends.
  2. Take a weekend trip to nearby caverns or a river. Kayaking and spelunching can be a wonderful adventure for all involved. Make sure you have the right equipment and bring someone with you who can show the ropes if you are a newbie.
  3. Read a book with lots of adventure. Have a blast with Huck Finn or Harry Potter. You don’t have to risk your life or health to have an adventure in your mind. Read these books with your kids or alone on rainy or snowy days.
  4. Try your hand, and foot, at rock climbing. Especially if there are rocks of all sizes for you to climb on near your home. You can easily gear up and have an adventure within a few hours drive.
  5. Plan a trip to an exotic locale. There are trips for anything from an African safari to cycling tours through some of the greatest cities in the world. Try an adventure for your next family vacation that no one will forget.
  6. Tour a zoo, botanical garden or museum to have an adventure of the mind. You can learn about animals or eras that can change your outlook on life.

Why Are Marines Sometimes Called Leathernecks?

U.S. Marines go by several nicknames, including jarheads, devil dogs and gyrenes, according to author Marion F. Sturkey, a former Marine helicopter pilot. Each nickname carries with it an element of Marine Corps history, but none reach back further into the Corps’ past than “Leathernecks.”


  • The Continental Marine Corps was commissioned on November 10, 1775, by the Continental Congress.


  • In 1798, Marines were issued a collar of stiff black leather annually as part of their uniform. Measuring approximately 3.5 inches high and fastened at the back of the neck by metal clasps, the collars forced a haughty military bearing.


  • According to the Marine Corps Association, “Legend and lore have it that the term “leatherneck” was derived from leather neckbands worn in the late 1700s to protect Marines from the slash of the cutlass.”

Time Frame

  • The leather collar was dropped from the uniform by 1900.


  • The historic uniform is commemorated in the high collar of the U.S. Marine Corps dress uniform and the sobriquet “Leathernecks.”

Economic Benefits of Adventure Tourism

Adventure tourism has many benefits to the economies in which the businesses are located. Adventure travel companies provide significant opportunities for people all over the world, often in places where economic development is stunted because of lack of investment, education and access.

Ease of Development

  • The adventure tourism industry benefits from low capital start-up costs for entrepreneurs, enabling the development of new markets in virtually any economic area. These new developments often create opportunity for foreign and local investments.

Job Creation

  • Adventure tourism and new companies that support it bring development projects and new jobs, increasing the financial gains for local people in that location.

Environmental Awareness

  • Adventure travel fuels environmental awareness. Adventure tourism companies lead initiatives that raise awareness of activities and practices that have a low environmental impact.

Better Land Management

  • Adventure tourism gives communities a financial reason to take a second look at land usage.

Increased Education and Health Benefits

  • In addition to increased employment, local people benefit from the educational and health benefits that a sustainable economy brings. According to the Adventure Travel Trade Association’s 2008 Development Index Report, “The prospect of employment and participation in a growing economy encourages interest in education.”

Giving Back to Communities

  • Murray Bartholomew, membership administrator of the Adventure Travel Trade Association, stated in a news release that adventure travel companies “demonstrate ongoing cultural, social and economic commitment” by establishing foundations that allow the tourism company and its customers to give back to the supporting communities.

How to Get Air Travel Insurance

Get Air Travel Insurance
Air travel causes a great deal of anxiety for many travelers. The fear of the unknown causes some passengers to consider all of the mechanical, natural and manmade errors that can occur during flight. You can ease your air travel experience by purchasing an insurance policy that covers every potential contingency.


  1. Protect yourself from expensive hospital bills and fees by purchasing emergency medical care with your insurance. This portion of your policy reimburses you for emergency procedures due to changes in air pressure, elevation and illnesses that may develop on your flight.
  2. Prevent a ruined vacation due to postponed flights or mechanical difficulties with flight disruption coverage. This coverage allows you to transfer tickets from one airline to another or use alternative transportation methods.
  3. Keep your trip going despite the failure of travel carriers when you get business default insurance. This specialized portion of your policy will keep you on helicopters and airplanes even if the provider goes bankrupt or fails to meet their obligation to customers.
  4. Check the policy you purchase to determine how far its service stretches globally. Get a policy that has a contract with reliable air carriers in major destinations throughout the world to get the best value.
  5. Determine the level of experience your travel insurance dealer possesses before you sign your name on a policy. Many travelers may assume that a local agent provides better service than online dealers. This perception is not always accurate, as there are many insurance providers with years of experience selling policies online.
  6. Pay close attention to the life insurance aspects of air travel coverage as you determine the best policy for you. This portion of your air travel insurance pays out a certain amount of money to your next of kin in case of accidents in flight to make up for lost earnings.
  7. Review the definitions of an applicable airplane or airline in your travel insurance policy as you set up your next trip. Some insurance providers will not cover charter flights or new airlines in remote areas due to the level of risk involved.

About all-Inclusive Vacations for Singles

All-inclusive vacations to exotic destinations and other venues allow travelers to enjoy the trip without worrying about the cost of food, drinks and entertainment. Singles who are interested in meeting new people during their trip can take part in planned events and enjoy a gourmet dining experience for a low-stress vacation. An all-inclusive vacation package designed specifically for singles typically take place in a resort setting or on board a cruise ship.


  • Singles’ vacation packages are designed to encourage singles to socialize and meet other singles, and the itinerary typically includes group activities, live entertainment and themed dinners as part of the package. Singles’ vacations are organized by several tour operators and travel companies around the world, and may include a trip aboard a cruise ship or an exotic adventure overseas. All-inclusive vacations allow singles to pay a flat fee for their entire trip; this fee covers the cost of food, accommodations and any activities listed on the itinerary.


  • An all-inclusive vacation package typically includes overnight accommodations at a deluxe hotel, resort or cruise ship cabin; dining at a buffet-style restaurant or sit-down venue; free access to local activities and events; free admission to special events and nightly entertainment; and free cocktails and beverages throughout the trip.


  • Some of the most popular all-inclusive vacation packages and destinations for singles include: resort vacations in St. Martin in the Caribbean; hiking and multi-sport tours to Costa Rica; Club Med vacations to ski resorts in Europe; Sandals Resort vacations in Antigua; and singles’ cruises to Jamaica and the Caribbean aboard cruise ship operators such as Celebrity Cruise Lines and Carnival.


  • Many all-inclusive vacations for singles are offered at rates discounted from other vacation packages; this allows singles to enjoy a deluxe vacation experience without overextending their budget. An all-inclusive vacation also takes the guesswork out of trip planning and reduces the stress involved with putting together an itinerary; singles can just pay their fee and pick and choose from a list of dining options, events and activities during their stay.


  • Singles interested in going on an all-inclusive vacation can work with a travel agent or travel coordinator to book the vacation, or book the vacation themselves through an online all-inclusive vacation website. Every all-inclusive vacation package has limitations, and some events, activities and dining experiences may not be included in the package. Many vacation packages for singles are designed in “tiers” where each level offers different amenities, services and benefits. In most cases, the tour operators or cruise ship will allow travelers to pay a fee to “upgrade” their vacation package to take advantage of benefits available in a different tier.

Why Is Travel Insurance Important?

Travel insurance is important because it protects travelers when unforeseen circumstances occur after they’ve booked and paid for their trip. The insurance helps travelers if they have to cancel their vacation plans because of personal situations or errors on the part of travel agencies and airlines. This insurance also safeguards travelers if emergencies arise once they reach their destination. Travel agencies and companies that specialize in travel insurance, such as Travel Guard, provide different policies for travelers.

Lost Medication

  • People whose baggage containing their medication is lost or stolen can fill emergency prescriptions because of travel insurance.

Identification and Cash

  • Travel insurance is important if people’s passports and wallets are lost or stolen. The insurance helps travelers replace lost identification and get emergency cash.

Medical Emergencies

  • Travel insurance covers medical emergencies, accidents and treatments that may occur on a trip to a foreign country.

Acts of Nature and Terrorism

  • Travel insurance covers money people loss if they have to evacuate their vacation location due to severe weather like hurricanes, typhoons or tsunamis. If travelers wish to cancel their trip because a terrorist attach occurred at the travel destination, travel insurance gives them a refund.


  • People with travel insurance will not lose money if cruise lines, airlines or tour operations file for bankruptcy. The insurance covers non-refundable expenses.

Flight Cancellation

  • If the airline cancels a traveler’s flight, travel insurance refunds the cost of the plane tickets.

Personal Circumstances

  • Travel insurance refunds trips that have been canceled because of personal circumstances, such as illness.

How to Get Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a combination of trip-cancellation insurance and 24-hour emergency assistance. It helps you get your money back if, for example, you have to cancel your vacation or go home early. It’s a smart purchase if you’ve planned a major vacation well in advance, but the trick is knowing which policy to buy, if any


Check your existing insurance policies and credit card coverage before you buy travel insurance. You may already be covered for medical expenses, canceled tickets or lost luggage.

Decide which type of travel insurance is best suited for your destination (for example, terrorism insurance for your trip to Egypt, or emergency medical transportation insurance during your ocean cruise). Keep in mind that the cost varies widely, depending on your age, your health, and the cost and length of your trip.

Determine whether the following is included in your policy: international medical insurance, emergency medical evacuation (including helicopter transport), accidental death and dismemberment, repatriation of remains and family travel benefits.

Have your travel agent purchase an insurance plan for you or shop commission-free online. You’ll find a wide selection of reputable insurance companies on the Web, including Travel Guard and Access America, that can get you a policy within 24 hours (see Resources).

Make sure your travel insurance provider offers 24-hour hotline service. Don’t buy trip-cancellation insurance from the tour operator that may be responsible for the cancellation, and don’t overbuy–you won’t be reimbursed for more than the cost of your trip.

How to Cancel My Travel Guard Insurance

If you decide not to take a trip in time to get your airfare back, you can also cancel your travel insurance.
Travel Guard insurance company offers various travel insurance packages which cover travelers in the event of unforeseen expenses ranging from illness, flight cancellation to even acts of terrorism. This insurance will reimburse any non-refundable travel expenses that you lose and cover medical expenses that your health care insurance does not cover. Travel Guard’s insurance costs range from five to seven percent of your total estimated travel expense but you may decide, after purchasing a policy, that you do not want travel insurance after all. You may cancel your Travel Guard insurance within fifteen days of your policy’s effective date unless you have already departed on your trip.


  1. Gather all your policy information. You will need your policy number, name, address and phone number as well as the policy’s effective date.
  2. Write a letter requesting a policy refund. State that you would like to cancel your policy and that you are requesting a full refund. Include your policy number, name and contact information.
  3. Email your request to refund@travelguard.com or fax it to 715-345-2915. You may also mail it to Travel Guard, 3300 Business Park Drive, Stevens Point, WI, 54482.
  4. Save a copy of your request for your files.

2 perfect tips to add to your tailor made Honeymoon Packages in Maldives!

2 perfect tips to add to your tailor made Honeymoon Packages in Maldives!

Are you fascinated by those pictures of couples holding hands by beaches or couples having a romantic dinner on a candle light table with ocean besides? Well if that is the case then Maldives is a perfect honeymoon destination for you. Honeymoon in Maldives is definitely a perfect ending to your wedding and an apt start to your new life. If you are planning to give that perfect beginning to your new life then start looking for good honeymoon packages in Maldives. At times the general packages offered by tours are not appealing to you. Well if this happens do not worry. There are many good tours who offer tailor made honeymoon packages in Maldives for people looking for a special trip.

While you are planning for a tailor made honeymoon package ensure that you are quite clear with what you are looking for. If you are specific with your requirements with your travel agent then designing your package will becomes simpler for you. Also you will get what you are looking for. There are certain tips that can help you plan a perfect honeymoon with your partner in Maldives.

Plan for a leisure trip

When you look for honeymoon packages in Maldives, whether tailor made or general ones always keep lots of time to spend in leisure. Understand one thing that you are going for honeymoon and not on a vacation. Therefore you do not have to cover every place. It needs to be a leisure trip. Therefore let your travel agent know not to make your trip too hectic by including too many places to visit. Less traveling and more rest should be your mantra for your honeymoon.

Do book a spa

Spa is a must when you go on a honeymoon. This is best way to ooze out all your wedding stress is by taking a good body spa. Maldives is a place where you get the best couple spas. Most of the resorts include spas in their package. If at all you are planning to book any package where a spa date is not included, check resorts that have such a facility. A spa date will definitely make your honeymoon the most remembered.

These are the two secret hints that will make your honeymoon the best. Thus, while browsing honeymoon packages in Maldives concentrating on these things will definitely help you bag a perfect deal..

How to Become a Travel Critic

Wandering the world, laptop in hand, might be the vision of an aspiring travel critic, but the reality is a bit different. Your primary job is writing about the places you’ve seen in fresh, interesting ways that make people want to take the same trip. You become a travel writer by first becoming a writer.


Get Ready

  • Although creative talent is necessary for any writer, a good education is the first step. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that a bachelor’s degree is usually required for a writer, especially one who wants a full-time job. Degrees in English, communications or journalism are typically preferred by employers. If you already know your target is travel writing, choose travel-related topics for course assignments whenever possible. Consider taking foreign language classes as electives to improve your ability to communicate in other countries.

Get Set

  • Writing experience will help you sharpen your skills and make you more attractive to an employer. Work for your high school yearbook or college newspaper while you complete your education. Explore part-time jobs or freelance opportunities with magazines and non-profit organizations, and in advertising or publishing companies. Some magazines offer summer internship, so look for travel magazines if possible. Many aspiring writers create personal blogs, both as a creative outlet and to practice their skills. Talk to your local Chamber of Commerce or visitor’s bureau about writing local flyers, newsletters and brochures for travelers to your area.

Get Technical

  • In today’s electronic world, a thorough knowledge of computers and excellent computer publishing skills are mandatory for a writer. Online publications might use text plus graphics, audio, video, animation and still pictures, all of which you might use in your work as a travel writer. Take additional courses to help increase your knowledge base and skills. Focus on topics that will help you prepare material directly for the Internet, such as graphic design, page layout and multimedia software. You might also be off the beaten track as a travel writer, so learn how to troubleshoot basic computer problems so you can still file stories even if you can’t find a computer technician in your area.

And Go

  • Many travel publications accept articles from freelance writers. Check their websites for submission guidelines, and if necessary, offer to write some articles for free to get your work known. Once you’ve built a reputation, you can propose articles to editors who know your work. Networking helps in establishing yourself, so join travel writers’ organizations or establish relationships with travel agencies or other organizations such as public relations firms involved in travel and tourism. Don’t expect overnight success, as it takes a long time to establish yourself as a travel writer and positions are limited.

The Average Cost of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can be a smart investment
Real life sometimes wreaks havoc on your vacation plans, Lost luggage, canceled flights, inclement weather, or family emergencies can cancel the most well-planned vacation. The Sept. 11 terrorist attacks resulted in a 10-percent increase of Americans who buy travel insurance–making the total number of Americans who purchase travel insurance about 30 percent, according to the U.S. Travel Insurance Association.The average cost of travel insurance is 4 to 8 percent of your total trip according to Cost Helper.com. The cost of travel insurance depends on what type of coverage you get.

High End Coverage

  • The higher end of travel insurance pays for the option to cancel your trip for any reason. Some travel insurance companies add the “cancel for any reason” option at an additional cost. Premium coverage allows you to cancel your trip for any reason and still be reimbursed your travel costs. People who purchase this Cadillac plan like to cover for the unexpected.

Standard Coverage

  • Travel insurance typically covers medical expenses should you require medical help during your stay. Travelers who purchase medical coverage like the peace of mind of knowing that they can seek medical attention in a far away destination without having out of pocket expenses, according to the U.S. Traveler Insurance Association. Standard coverage costs 4 to 5 percent of the entire cost of your trip.

Other Benefits

  • Travel insurance offers coverage for lost or stolen baggage, medical evacuation costs, and financial protection should your trip be interrupted, A little known gem called “excess valuation” available from airlines provides an additional $5,000 coverage should the airlines lose your bags. That’s better than the $9.07 per pound they offer with a limit of 40 pounds.

Cruise Travel

  • Seventy percent of cruise travelers buy travel insurance, according to the MSNBC travel article, “9 Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance”. One reason is because unlike traveling in the U.S., where your health insurance typically covers medical emergencies in another state–cruise travel on a foreign flagged ship is not always covered by your U.S. health insurance.


  • Buying travel insurance is a personal decision. When spending $20,000 on a 30-day luxury cruise, you have to ask yourself if it’s worth it to blow the $20,000 should a real-life emergency intercede. Or is it worth it to protect your investment for a cost of anywhere from $800 to $1,600? With travel insurance, you’re not only protecting your monetary investment. You’re also investing in your peace of mind.

Christian Vacations for Singles

Visiting the Holy Land of Israel is one option for a single Christian.
While many individuals enjoy traveling with another person in order to share their experiences and memories gained from the trip, Christian singles are able to travel with other like-minded Christians while becoming closer to God through their journeys. The trips need not be lonely, as there are many Christian organizations that provide group travel experiences, bringing singles together on one trip. Tours to places that are important to an individual spiritually while still remaining a relaxing vacation are offered through several organizations, and can be done by land or sea.

Paul’s Journeys

  • Retracing the steps of the apostle Paul not only leads you into exotic lands, but also aids you in contemplating the message of Jesus and your own spirituality. Traveling as a single through these areas is also quite simple, for the regions are safe and the locals helpful. Travel through Macedonia, then south to Corinth and eventually travel to Athens, a bustling city where Paul preached one of his most important sermons. Travel on your own or with a group.Templeton Tours offers this trip for singles.


  • Cruises devoted to serving Christians are not only a way for singles to relax and meet other Christians, but also provide spiritual guidance and enhancement through seminars and speakers throughout the trip. Worship services are offered and ships can be booked that are solely devoted to singles and their needs, removing the hectic nature of a cruise ship with large and young families on board. Templeton Tours as well as All Christian Cruises offer a variety of trips for Christians.

Holy Land

  • Walk in the footsteps of Jesus, from the stations of the cross to the Sea of Galilee. A trip to the holy land as a single not only inspires you spiritually, but also allows you to focus solely on God and holy moments.

    Israel is also a safe region in which to travel alone, either as a male or a female, just ensure you respect the holy areas by wearing clothing that is appropriate and seemly.

    Fly in to Tel Aviv, a vibrant and hip city, and then travel over to the Sea of Galilee, on the Jordanian border, down to the Dead Sea and then back over the country to the ultimate destination, Jerusalem. Tours can be taken individually or with a group.

Academic Tours

  • Going on a C.S. Lewis tour not only introduces academic individuals to one of the most important Christian scholars, but also allows them to meet like-minded participants while touring the beautiful British countryside. Delve into the life of Lewis and his important publications while traveling around his favorite haunts and visiting where he was born. This tour is an informative guided holiday for single Christians into the man who created the Narnia series.

How to Get Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Senior citizens travel around the United States and the world to celebrate successes in their lives. After decades of hard work, a senior citizen can fly overseas or take a cruise along the coast with her hard-earned money. If you want to protect your financial freedom in retirement, you need to get travel insurance that is designed for senior citizens.


  1. Seek the definition of senior citizen by an insurance provider as you collect a quote. The traditional definition is 65 years old, but some travel insurers have moved the age up.
  2. Research senior citizen travel insurance that covers specific methods of transportation. You should review policies for air travel, cruises and rail travel to find the right coverage for your upcoming vacation.
  3. Modify travel insurance quotes based on the length of your trips. Many senior citizens get policies that provide coverage during summer or winter stays in a different region. If you plan on traveling extensively as a senior citizen, a permanent plan will save you money and provide steady coverage.
  4. Write out a travel budget to set spending limits for travel insurance. You should include flights, accommodations, dining and extra expenses as the staples of this budget. After calculating the total for these fixed expenses, add between five to 10 percent of the total as a fair estimate of insurance premiums.
  5. Visit a variety of travel insurance agents to find one with a combination of experience and a wide range of options. The ideal insurance agent will unveil a menu of basic and premium services that can be added to your policy for optimal coverage. You should also note any awards, certifications or positive reviews highlighted by an agent.
  6. Place the emergency medical coverage in your travel insurance with your health care plan. You can get a clear picture of the financial protections or burdens you will face if you experience health issues during your trip. Check out medical liability coverage if there is too big a gap between policies.

How to File a Travel Insurance Claim

File a Travel Insurance Claim
Travel insurance typically covers you for any mishap sustained while traveling. Insurance companies offer different plans that cover a myriad of events you might encounter while traveling. Depending on your policy, you can file travel insurance claims for trip cancellation, travel delay, baggage loss, baggage delay, baggage damage, medical expenses and accident to a rented car. Here’s how you can file a travel insurance claim.


  1. Check the coverage provided by the travel insurance policy.
  2. Decide the line of action based on the type of loss or mishap sustained.
  3. Inform the insurance company immediately after the event, as it will help speed up processing of the claim.
  4. Call the insurance agent to make sure you use the correct claim form. Claim forms differ according to the kind of coverage in your policy.
  5. Ask the insurance agent about the information and documents required for processing your claim. Usually several documents as well as pertinent information about your travel need to be submitted with your claim form. These typically include travel date(s), mode of transport, name of travel agency and reservation receipts.
  6. Collect and retain all the documents you believe are related to your claim for the kind of coverage in the policy. Your insurance agent can guide and help you in this effort.
  7. Cooperate with the adjuster from the insurance company to verify your claim.
  8. Assess the depreciation value, if possible.
  9. Monitor your claim status. It may be available online.
  10. Stay in touch with your agent to ensure prompt processing of claim.

Documents Needed for Specific Claims:

  1. Rental car claim: Provide the make of car, travel date, proof of travel, police complaint copy and the estimate of loss or damage.
  2. Air travel: Provide a copy of the airline tickets, proof of travel and estimated loss or damage.
  3. Baggage theft: Provide a list of items that are lost or stolen, a copy of the complaint to police and travel agency and estimated cost.
  4. Baggage delay: Provide a list along with receipts of urgent purchases until your baggage was returned.
  5. Medical expenses: Track the treatment offered and retain a list of prescriptions and receipts for reimbursement.

Holiday Travel Wear Made Easy: Women

Packing for the holidays can be tricky, but you can still do it with style.
With the cool weather, joyful music and loads of delicious food, the holiday season is the favorite time of year for many. But between the mad dash for everyone’s perfect gift and hectic travel conditions, the holidays can be stressful even for the merriest. And when it comes time to hit the road, choosing what to pack – and how to make it all fit – makes things all the more difficult. So choose carefully what to bring and what to leave behind so you can skip the stress and focus on getting to your destination and enjoying yourself while there.

Plan It Out



The holidays are busy, but this doesn’t mean you can put off packing until the last minute. Instead, set aside time to really plan what to take. “Make a list of every event or occasion you will need to be dressing for,” says Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt, personal stylist and creator of AlexandraStylist.com. “Then figure out what you would like to wear for these events.”

This means knowing where you’re going while on holiday and what the people around you will be wearing. For example, don’t pack formal clothes if everyone else will be wearing sweatshirts and jeans to play football in the backyard.

“The biggest culprit of overpacking is thinking and promising yourself you must have three of everything no matter what,” says Kimberly Anderson, host of fashion and lifestyle web series “Kim’s Closet.” “Outlining the planned activities will help you narrow your outfit choices down and give you a reality check about what pieces are truly a priority.”

Make a list of every outfit you’re going to take with you on your trip. You should always pack pieces that can be worn more than once, Greenawalt says. “You want double- and triple-duty when you’re packing,” she explains. “You want your items not to be worn once, but worn several times.”

Once you have your pieces picked out, put a set of outfits together for each day you’re on vacation so you know you have everything covered. “Photograph each one and bring the pics with you,” advises Jene Luciani, national style correspondent and contributor for shows such as NBC’s “Today Show.” “That way, you can get dressed very quickly while you’re on the go.”

Another helpful idea to make both packing and getting dressed once you’ve reached your destination easier, is to separately pack each outfit in a plastic bag, Greenawalt suggests. This makes it so you don’t have to root through your suitcase to find the right outfit each day.

“You can also write on the outside of the bag,” she says. “If, for example, you know that you’re going to bring one pashmina or one scarf and that scarf was going to go with other things, you can write on the bag: ‘Add pashmina,’ or ‘Add such-and-such necklace.’”

What Should Stay and What Should Go

When it comes to fashionable travel, it’s all about the basics. “Pick four or five neutral pieces that will get you the most style miles as you travel,” Luciani says. She suggests packing items such as a classic pair of dark denim, a light cardigan, a thin tee, a simple black dres, and classic pumps or ballet flats.

“If you’ve pared down your base pieces – your dress, tops, pants and so on – then you can take quite a number of little accessories along with you,” says Kiran Gowda, director of ecommerce at TravelSmith.com, a travel gear website. These accessories – such as scarves, jewelry and belts – can spice up each outfit you pack.

When it comes to shoes, limit yourself. “Bring shoes that will go with every outfit, like a metallic or a neutral,” Greenawalt suggests. “Something that you’re going to be able to walk in and be comfortable [in], but also stylish.”

Susan Foster — who’s website, SmartPacking.com, teaches travelers about hassle-free packing — suggests bringing three pairs of shoes at the most. “Wear one [during travel] and pack no more than two,” she says. “Shoes are bulky and heavy. If you can cut back more here, it makes a huge difference.”

While there are a lot of things you’ll be tempted to take along with you on your travels, many of these need to stay at home for the holidays. Renae Virate, founder of fashion and travel website WeareverTheWeather.com, suggests leaving behind anything that’s super-thick. “When you travel to a cold place, for example, you’ll likely be indoors where it will be warm, so too thick will be too much,” she says. “And if you are outside, you will likely be active or have your coat,” she says.

Greenawalt advises leaving your expensive jewelry at home, opting for costume jewelry to complete your outfits. And try not to take anything overly formal if it’s not an absolute must, advises Emilia Dlugolecka, owner and master stylist of Mr. and Mrs. Digz, a Chicago boutique. “Don’t bring anything too fancy, like a gown,” she says. “That’s what your black dresses are for.”

Keep It Simple


Before you make your final selections on what to pack, heed a few tips to make the process even less painful. Try to stick to one color palette when it comes to clothing so you don’t have to pack shoes and accessories that match multiple colors. To keep things from getting boring, use accent pieces to brighten things up. “If you’re using black as your main [color], you would pepper in tops that have more interesting colors, or you would bring in color in terms of a scarf or jewelry or your shoes,” Greenawalt says.

Stick with fabrics that are less prone to wrinkling, like soft knits or jersey. “If at all possible, only pack wrinkle-free items you can fold,” explains Cinda Boomershine, creator of Cinda B. travel bags and accessories. “You will avoid lugging hangers around and save time at your destination by not having to iron anything.”

Finally, layering is key, especially if you’re traveling through different climates. “You can easily shed or add on layers depending on where you’re coming from and where you go,” Virata says, suggesting you pack items such as medium-weight shorts that you can wear in warm weather or pair with tights for cooler weather.

How to Purchase Medevac Travel Insurance

Most healthcare providers overseas do not accept U.S. health insurance policies, including Medicare. Medevac insurance coverage provides coverage for emergency situations on foreign soil. It also provides transportation to a U.S.- operated medical facility for the insured and often a relative. Plans also cover the repatriation of remains in the event of a death.


  1. Review your past and future travel itineraries and count the number of international trips that you expect to make on a yearly basis.
  2. Ask your personal or group health provider if they offer medevac coverage as an add-on to your health insurance.
  3. Read articles on the various coverage options for international travel medevac and terrorism policies at the Smarter Travel website. The articles often have links to companies that sell medevac policies.
  4. Compare the current rates and coverage for at least three providers. Request a written quote by mail or by fax. You will often get better coverage from companies that have offices and customer service representatives worldwide.
  5. Check the Better Business Bureau rating for the companies that you are considering. In addition to complaints or warnings, note how long the company has been operating as an emergency medical evacuation provider.
  6. Consult the Consumer World site for in-depth reviews of different travel insurance companies, links to government consumer agencies and information on avoiding travel scams.
  7. Choose a carrier whose coverage meets your needs. Purchase an annual coverage policy if you make several trips every year. Purchase per-trip coverage, if you only plan to make one or two international trips a year.

How to Best Store a Travel Trailer

Travel trailers hook to the back of your vehicle, giving you a place to stay on your camping trips. But when you’re not out on the road, you need to store your trailer. Because laws prevent you from parking an RV on the street and most garages aren’t big enough to store one, you’ll need storage plan so your travel trailer will be ready to go the next time a camping trip rolls around.


  1. Clean the inside of the travel trailer thoroughly when you are finished using it. Remove all perishable items.
  2. Dry everything. The slightest bit of moisture inside the travel trailer can turn into a major mold problem. Open all cabinets and drawers to keep air circulating through the entire unit.
  3. Lock your travel trailer. Just because you don’t have any valuables inside doesn’t mean there are not items that could be stolen.
  4. Store the travel trailer in a nearby RV storage area, if one is available and you can afford the fee. If not, keep the trailer in your garage–if it’s big enough–or under a shelter. If you can’t get your travel trailer under a shelter, buy a cover to put over it. Camping World, The Tarp and Cover Superstore, and Tarps Plus (see Resources) are three online stores that sell these covers.
  5. Check your travel trailer every few weeks if you are storing it for a long time. This way, you can be sure it stays in good condition, not taking the risk that you may have forgotten to check something.

The Best Vacations for Single Senior Citizens

There is an entire world at the fingertips of any single senior citizen. From Vermont to going back to school to touring the globe, vacation packages for single seniors take the stressful elements away from planning a vacation. Instead, single seniors have time to enjoy their hard-earned vacation and leave the planning to the others while learning about new places and meeting great people.
A mature couple takes a hike in the country side.
Wildflower Inn VacationNew England has world-renowned foliage during September and October. The vibrant reds and oranges of the trees against the bright blue sky, and the mild, cool weather, make for a vacation to remember in this picturesque corner of the United States. The Wildflower Inn offers a vacation package for senior citizens who enjoy traveling and fall colors by combining the two in the Fall Foliage Midweek Explorers Package. The package includes a four-night stay at the Wildflower Inn in Lyndonville, Vermont, complete with a full country breakfast and afternoon snacks replete with famous Vermont Cabot cheese and apple cider. During the day, the staff provides maps of fall foliage tours in Northern New Hampshire, Southern Quebec and Vermont for individuals to explore at his or her leisure. The beautiful setting, tours and communal atmosphere of the Wildflower is a great way to meet other people, too. Prices start at $390 in the low season for a four-night package.

An autum landscape of a farm in Vermont.

Senior Summer SchoolSenior Summer School provides seniors with the opportunity to go back to college. Seniors live and learn at one of four colleges, Loyola in Chicago, Appalachian State in Boone, North Carolina, University of Wisconsin Madison in Madison, Wisconsin or San Diego State University in San Diego. Seniors engage in six daily classes, extensions of the university in which the individual is attending, with college professors and local professionals, three or more field-trips to local sightseeing hotspots and evening entertainment including dancing, singing and talks by local historians. Both singles and couples attend the program and come away with many different friends and experiences to talk about! Accommodations include private suites in college residence halls, apartments or hotels, and exercise facilities, computer centers and recreational areas are available. Food is included and served cafeteria style. The program varies from two to six weeks. The AARP has reviewed the Summer School positively as a wonderful travel/educational combination experience.

A mature student works at a computer with an instructor.

Semester at SeaThe Semester at Sea program is a study abroad program in which college and non-traditional students learn and travel together. Semester at Sea is a cruise around the world. Teachers, students and staff live on the MV Explorer, taking a wide array of academic classes during travel times and embarking on exciting tours and adventures while in port. Previous ports of call include cities such as Salvador, Brazil; Walvis Bay, Namibia; Cape Town, South Africa, and Chennai, India. The program lasts three to 3.5 months. Lifelong learners live, eat and travel with the students, thus making friends among other lifelong learners and with students.

Two woman with shopping bags stand at a port in front of a cruise ship.

How to Fix a Broken Black-Water Valve Handle on My Holiday Rambler

Fixing valves and holding tanks that handle “black water” can be unsavory tasks for recreational vehicle owners because black water consists of the waste from flushed toilets. Some older-style black-water valves had threaded handles that allowed replacement of the handle without also replacing the valve. But the relatively low cost of valve assemblies means the handles alone are seldom available. To replace a broken handle, you need to replace the entire valve assembly. Holiday Rambler, a manufacturer of high-end motor homes and travel trailers, uses valves in which the plastic handle is wedded to the valve assembly.

Many motor homes at some point will have a broken black-water valve handle.


  1. Connect the sewer hose from the Holiday Rambler to a dump station and open the dump valve. Flush the tank several times to minimize the risk of unpleasant materials erupting from the drain line while the broken valve is removed. Hard pushing or tugging on a frozen valve is the usual cause of a valve handle breaking.
  2. Remove the sewer hose and ensure the sewer line is free of blockage by feeding a garden hose into the opening and running water until nothing foreign washes out. Wear waterproof gloves, protective goggles and a long-sleeved shirt.
  3. Move the Holiday Rambler away from the dump station onto level ground. Fixing a broken black-water, or dump, valve (also sometimes called a knife or slice valve) is not a difficult process because it is easily accessible when emptying the tank. Place a drip pan beneath the broken valve to prevent any residual material from dripping out and contaminating the work area.
  4. Check to see if the valve assembly has a remote-opening cable similar to the kind that open a car’s hood. If it does, remove the cable from the valve assembly and tuck it safely away from the work area.
  5. Determine how the valve assembly is fastened to the sewer line. The inner flange, furthest under the Holiday Rambler, will be permanently bonded to the line from the black-water holding tank. The plastic body of the valve will be held to this flange by four screws, or four small bolts with nuts and washers.
  6. Buy four stainless-steel replacement fasteners of the same size or thread rating. Buy a new valve assembly. Buy one designed to accept the remote-opening cable if your motor home is fitted for one.
  7. Remove the four fasteners on the valve assembly and discard. Ease the valve assembly away from the permanent (inner) flange and discard. Use a clean rag to thoroughly wipe and dry all surfaces that will come in contact with the new valve assembly.
  8. Apply a thin glaze of petroleum jelly to the cleaned contact surfaces of both the flange and the new valve assembly.
  9. Put the new valve assembly in place, being careful to get good contact across the entire surface. Lock the new valve assembly in place with the new stainless-steel fasteners, tightening them one at a time in a cross-diagonal pattern. Do not overtighten the fasteners.
  10. Replace the remote opening cable.

When Should I Buy My Plane Ticket for Holiday Travel?

Holidays come with pricey airfares. If you’re planning to travel during the holidays, buy your tickets as quickly as possible to save money. Also look for insider travel tips, such as booking plane tickets on certain days of the week.

Buy your plane ticket as soon as possible to save money during the holidays.

Book Early

  • The key to booking plane tickets for the holiday season is to purchase seats early. According to an MSNBC report, passengers who book ahead of time can save hundreds of dollars. Keep in mind also that Christmas travel is at its cheapest during mid-November.

Purchase flights on a Wednesday

  • According to Travelocity’s Dominique Phillip, airlines typically release seats for the upcoming weekend and the weekend after that on a Wednesday. If you’re looking to book a flight within the next two weeks, check out the prices mid-week to get the best prices and seats available.

Fun Fact

  • According to eTurbo News, a website dedicated to the global travel industry, 2010 was the second most expensive year for holiday airfares in eight years. Airfares for 2010 Thanksgiving tickets averaged $383, while Christmas airfares were $444, according to Priceline.com.

How Does Travel Insurance Work?

How Does Travel Insurance Work?

What is Travel Insurance?

  • Tourists purchase travel insurance to protect against unforeseen events such as inclement weather, sudden business closure, lost luggage and other nuisances. Insurance policies may even cover rare occurrences like terrorist evacuation and plane crashes. They’re a security blanket that could save time and money in the long run. However, some argue that travel insurance is superfluous and a waste of money, pointing out that many airline carriers cover lost baggage, while credit cards frequently cover losses from shuttered transportation concerns. There is also the danger of scams from unscrupulous, non-licensed dealers. Fine print problems exist; CNN notes that name ambiguity can shade regulation and contractual guarantees. Travel insurance may seem like a good idea, but it’s necessary to study the facts before buying.

Tricky Travel Insurance Contracts

  • Be sure that what you’re purchasing is actually a state-regulated insurance plan. Steve Dasseos, chairman of Tripinsurancestore.com, states that buyers are often misled by policies called “trip protection plans.” These deals are anything but, since they’re not official insurance policies with any sort of government policing. Look for plans that are labeled by name as insurance products.

    Read the fine print. Just like health insurance, pre-existing conditions are a way for an underwriter to deny coverage. This means that a flight-induced anxiety attack that results in a hospital visit in the middle of Paris won’t result in a refund of the hospital costs, especially if the sufferer is under treatment for mental health issues. Some companies issue pre-existing insurance waivers, but those require strict adherence to company regulations to apply.

What Type of Insurance is the Best to Get?

  • Peter Greenberg, TODAY travel editor, states that “while a majority of those who don’t buy travel insurance are familiar with flight and trip cancellation insurance, many people are unaware of travel health insurance, baggage coverage and medical evacuation insurance. ” All types of insurance are not created equal, with some types a bad value for the money.

    Flight insurance, sold at airports as a high-priced add-on item, is usually considered a poor investment. Trip cancellation and interruption insurance is dependent on the value of the trip being covered; the more expensive the cash outlay, the more necessary this policy is. Travel health insurance with medical evaluation coverage is great for those that travel internationally. Lastly, baggage insurance is great if you dress expensively. Otherwise, airline baggage coverage will probably do. Keep valuables like jewelry and computers on your person at all times to avoid trouble and minimize the chance of loss.

Spa Vacations for Single Women

Many spas offer solo specials for single women.

Going to a spa is a way to unwind, release tension in your body, and rejuvenate your spirit. Some spas are women only or have special packages for single women. These packages are specifically tailored with women in mind. A single women, whether traveling solo or with a bunch of their single girlfriends will find that there are spa options that are ideal for single women.

Calistoga Golden Haven Hot Springs

  • Golden Haven Hot Springs is located in Napa Valley, California’s wine country, and specializes in rejuvenating with e Calistoga Hot Springs mineral water and with their Calistoga Mud Baths. Calistoga Golden Haven offers specials for singles; a three-hour Solo Day Spa Special or a Solo Overnight Special with spa treatments. Treatment includes a Calistoga Mud Bath, one-hour massage, one-hour herbal facial, and a guide to local wineries that feature complimentary wine tastings. The overnight include as stay in a superior room at the Calistoga Lodge. There is also a Girlfriends Spa Special for women who want to bring their friends along.

Golden Door Spa

  • The Golden Door Spa was created for women by a woman, and except for a few weeks that cater to men and special, is for women only. Located in Escondido, California, the Golden Door is a luxury spa that focuses on women leaving their stressful lives behind and focusing solely on themselves. Single women are attracted to this spa for its emphasis on deep introspection, and to make new friends with like minded women. The week-long sessions include fitness training, healthy spa cuisine and mind-body classes such as meditation, self hypnosis and T’ai Chi, and traditional spa treatments such as massages and body wraps. Guests are given a personal esthetician who will help create a beauty regiment tailored to the individual. The guest rooms at Gold Door Spa are created in the style of traditional Japanese Honjinn inns designed for ultimate relaxation and solitude. The spacious accommodations include private gardens, personal maid service, spa wardrobe and a meditation area.

Lake Austin Spa Resort

  • The Lake Austin Spa Resort was voted #1 Destination Spa by Conde Nast Traveler in 2008, and offers top of the line spa facilities. This large lake house style spa is located in Austin, Texas overlooking Lake Austin. The Spa offer 40 guest room accommodations rooms and cabins for guests. Premier rooms include a steeping tub and a private meditation garden. Single women can take part in the Gathering of Wise Women month-long program held every year in October at the spa. Women guest speakers provide support and inspiration to spa guests and the program specializes in enhancing a woman’s health, well-being and spirit. There is also Girlfriends Getaways for single women and their friends.

Surf Goddess Retreats

  • The Surf Goddess Retreat is a surf spa resort in Bali, Indonesia for women only set in a lush tropical garden. This resort empowers women through surf lessons, yoga, well-being sessions, spa treatments and spending time with fellow guests. Surf Goddess Retreat caters to single women and beginner surfers. This laid back retreat include a luxurious pool, meditation pavilions, a library and a rooftop patio. Guest may choose between two person shared rooms or a single room. Sharing a great way for single woman traveling solo to get to know other women from around the world . Rooms include complimentary spa products and wardrobe and a selection of books and literature for your reading convenience Guests may use the complimentary bikes to take a guided tour of the Bali countryside, or take an Indonesian cooking class. Spa cuisine is Bali-inspired with meal such as the Fish Satay with Bali Sambal Sauce.

Why Is Travel Insurance Important?

Travel insurance is important because it protects travelers when unforeseen circumstances occur after they’ve booked and paid for their trip. The insurance helps travelers if they have to cancel their vacation plans because of personal situations or errors on the part of travel agencies and airlines. This insurance also safeguards travelers if emergencies arise once they reach their destination. Travel agencies and companies that specialize in travel insurance, such as Travel Guard, provide different policies for travelers.

Lost Medication

  • People whose baggage containing their medication is lost or stolen can fill emergency prescriptions because of travel insurance.

Identification and Cash

  • Travel insurance is important if people’s passports and wallets are lost or stolen. The insurance helps travelers replace lost identification and get emergency cash.

Medical Emergencies

  • Travel insurance covers medical emergencies, accidents and treatments that may occur on a trip to a foreign country.

Acts of Nature and Terrorism

  • Travel insurance covers money people loss if they have to evacuate their vacation location due to severe weather like hurricanes, typhoons or tsunamis. If travelers wish to cancel their trip because a terrorist attach occurred at the travel destination, travel insurance gives them a refund.


  • People with travel insurance will not lose money if cruise lines, airlines or tour operations file for bankruptcy. The insurance covers non-refundable expenses.

Flight Cancellation

  • If the airline cancels a traveler’s flight, travel insurance refunds the cost of the plane tickets.

Personal Circumstances

  • Travel insurance refunds trips that have been canceled because of personal circumstances, such as illness.

How You Can Help Children With Holiday Stress

Holidays are supposed to be a joyful time, particularly for children, but many kids find them quite stressful and upsetting. If your child is exhibiting symptoms of stress such as unexplained crying, temper tantrums, or withdrawing from friends and family, it’s time to let go of the notion of making each holiday “perfect.” Instead, allow yourself — and your kids — to relax and enjoy each others company at this special time of year.

Decorating the tree together can make for a beloved holiday tradition.


  1. Manage your own expectations. Children form their impressions based on how the adults around them handle situations, so don’t let yourself get stressed out by a whirlwind of shopping, baking and decorating. Your child would rather spend quality time with you than have the perfect tree or a wide assortment of holiday treats.
  2. De-emphasize gift giving. Blowing the family budget on presents you can’t afford is no way to make for a happy holiday. Instead, set a budget and stick to it, and talk to your children about whether or not their wish list is realistic. If your little ones still believe that all gifts come from Santa Claus, tell them that even Santa doesn’t have unlimited resources.
  3. Don’t over-schedule holiday happenings. Rushing around from one party to another is going to wear your kids out and decrease their enjoyment. Decide which events are going to be the most enjoyable for your child — does he really want to see the “Nutcracker” or stand in line to sit on Santa’s lap? — and cut out all of the non-essential ones. Try for no more than one event per day, with some days built in just for “down time.”
  4. Get the kids involved in planning. Discuss your holiday plans well in advance so everyone knows what to expect, and let your child chime in with his suggestions and requests. While you may not be able to honor all of these, allow him some choices when it comes to non-essentials. A long-distance trip to Grandma’s house may be a must, but kids will feel more involved if you let them choose what snacks and games to pack.
  5. Maintain holiday traditions, as rituals can be very comforting for children. It is especially important to hold to these traditions even when family circumstances have changed over the past year. Doing so will have a grounding effect, reassuring your child that even in the midst of upheaval, some things stay the same. If your family has yet to establish any traditions, talk to your kids about which ones they might enjoy. Even something so simple as opening an Advent calendar or singing carols together will make for precious holiday memories.

What Are Package Holidays?

A package holiday is an all-inclusive pre-arranged holiday, comprising of at least one overnight stay. It will include travel arrangements, accommodation and, optionally, a tourist activity such as a special tour, a sport or an activity. The last might not be linked to either the transport or accommodation, but which makes up a significant part of the package. Package holiday information is usually provided in the form of a travel brochure, which forms the basis of the package contract. One can claim damages if the package trip turns out to be different from what the brochure indicates.

Package Holiday Details

  • While booking the package holiday deal, the traveler must receive a copy of the travel contract that contains all the relevant trip information. This contract should mention the travel destination, holiday duration, transport type, departure times and places of visit. The contract should contain accommodation details such as location and category and indicate whether the traveler requires a passport and visa(s) for travel. Apart from this, the contract should explain how and when the package holiday could be cancelled, along with tour itineraries, taxes or compulsory charges, and complaints procedure. If the travel is being planned to locations that require vaccinations, the package holiday contract should mention that as well.

Package Holiday Cancelation Terms

  • If the tour operator cancels the holiday or alters the tour plan significantly, the operator must provide a replacement holiday of the same or better quality, or a lower grade holiday while refunding the price difference. In the event that the tour operator is not able to offer either of these, then a full refund is the traveler’s right. In addition, the tour operator is not allowed to change the pricing within 20 days before the departure date. The tour operator can cancel the trip owing to an unforeseen event or if they’ve failed to get the number of people required for the tour to take place. However, even in this case, the traveler is due a refund or replacement holiday.

Package Holiday Complaints

  • The package holiday contract should also outline the complaints procedure. If the traveler has a complaint while on the holiday, the traveler should be able to report the issue to the local holiday representative or trip organizer. Before travel, the traveler should obtain a complaint form and retain copies of any submitted complaints. If the traveler is not happy with the complaint resolution, he or she can submit evidence of problems such as pictures or video footage, and lodge a written complaint to the tour operator within 28 days of the trip. If there’s no response to two written complaints, the traveler can take the complaint to court.

Package Holiday Insurance

  • Out of convenience, many travelers opt for the package holiday and the insurance from the same operator, but it is possible to buy this elsewhere as well. The tour operator should indicate that the traveler could opt to purchase insurance from a different insurance carrier than the one that the operator uses.

Planning Holidays? Go Cycling, Climbing And Trekking in Ladakh This Time!

What changes when you travel North to South and East to West in India?Nothing and everything. The warmth of the people is what defines a place. It is this one constant that binds India as a nation, in spite of its diverse culture and topography. Whether you visit a home in Gujarat or Punjab, the people will make sure they kill you with love and food. West Bengal’s ‘Doi Maach’ or South India’s ‘Rasam Bhaat’, all the native recipes add to the many flavours of India. The varied festivals, the flora and fauna, the clothing and the architecture is also why India rightly upholds the tag of Unity in Diversity. So planning a vacation in India becomes a mind-boggling task since one is spoilt for choice. But Himalayan Frontiers Culture & Adventure Tours Pvt. Ltd., an India-based  travel company, is here to simplify the task.

When visiting a foreign land, one obviously tends to be cautious about not getting cheated. Right from the place to visit, the time of visit, the hotels, the transportation, the food to the prices, everything needs to be carefully considered and thoroughly researched. It sure is a difficult thing to do single-handedly. And it’s a boon when there’s someone more experienced,someone more well-versed with that place, to help us out with those details. Himalayan Frontiers helps allay all the fears, given its strong network of trained professionals spread across the places it gives its services in.

The company was established in 1996, initially to promote tourism and adventure activities like trekking, hiking, cycling, etc. in the Himalayan cities like Ladakh, Garhwal, Spiti, Manali and Darjeeling among others. Today, it has grown wider and bigger to cover the most mesmerising locations that India as well as its neighbours like Bhutan and Nepal have to offer. Their concept of Theme Tours is what makes them so unique. They offer perfectly laid out theme tours like yoga tours, spiritual tours, festival tours, motorcycle tours, tribal tours, cultural tours, cycling tours and Himalayan tours. It also arranges homestay trips that are meant for mutually benefitting the tourist and the host. Above all, the company also offers customised tour packages.

Since the Himalayas and adventure tourism are their specialty, Himalayan Frontiers beats other travel companies when it comes to planning Himalayan trekking tour packages. Their endless list of trekking programmes such as trekking in Ladakh, trekking in India, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Bhutan and Nepal has always enticed enthusiastic backpackers from not just India but from abroad as well. So if you are in the mood for trekking, mountain climbing or just simply wandering, in India you will find your perfect match. And Himalayan Frontiers Culture & Adventure Tours Pvt Ltd. is what you must ask for!

How to Light a Gas Travel Trailer Water Heater

Travel trailers have become increasingly sophisticated since the inception of “RV camping.” Whereas the first trailers were not much more than a tent on wheels, today’s travel trailers are equipped with separate rooms, bathrooms, running water and air conditioning. Much of this new technology is run on electricity, which is now provided at most campgrounds. Some travel trailers, however, use propane gas, too. One typical use for propane is heating the water used for showers, cooking and other operations. Lighting the on-board travel trailer water heater may seem tricky, but it is quite simple if you follow these steps.

Gas travel camper heaters bring modern convenience to primitive conditions.


  1. Begin by turning the propane gas on outside the camper. In most situations, this will be via a small portable tank at the front of the trailer. To turn the gas on, simply turn the gas-control valve counterclockwise until it will no longer turn, then turn it clockwise a quarter of a turn.
  2. Locate the pilot light of the water heater. Normally, the pilot light is at the bottom of the heater and will be clearly marked. There will be a gas-control knob next to the pilot light. Turn the gas control knob to “Light” and then strike one of the matches and carefully slide the flame in front of the pilot light hole to light the gas.
  3. Once the pilot light is lit, use the gas-control knob to turn the heat up to the desired water temperature. The pilot light will serve as the ignition source for the burners now, so that when the gas is on, you can simply adjust the water temperature with the turn of a knob.